I bought myself a birthday 🎈 gift... and I held myself back from celebrating.

One year ago, I test drove a new vehicle. 

As soon as I sat in the vehicle... it felt familiar. Like home. Natural. So comfortable.

Then life got busy, and I put it off.

I took a mindful pause over December. I slowed down. And... guess what popped up?

The vehicle I test drove. 

Despite being told it would be a 4-6 month wait to get the one I wanted... One landed in my lap. With a 1 month wait.

It arrived 1 week before my birthday.

It felt like a physical manifestation of my values - freedom, adventure and connection.

It felt like an expression of my independence. I can go up to the ski hill without getting stuck, I can drive down any back road I want for the perfect camping spot.

It felt like an acknowledgement of my landing, grounded and secure, as a single mama of 3. An expression of knowingness... that I am safe, and I am ok. And I am so much more than that... I am also abundant and I am thriving. 

But... for some reason... I hesitated to celebrate it. I couldn't...

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May Energy Forecast - The Healing Power of Connection

Are you a deep feeler?

Do you sense energy and information that is unseen?

Your skills will feel like they are on steroids this month! You will feel very connected to those around you, and highly sensitive to energy, information and emotions. Everyone will. This is an incredibly important energy as we are going through big changes.

It is a time where co-regulation and interdependence is critical. It is the time to find people who will be with you, in your process, and support you to step into your power even more this month. We will strongly benefit from connection and collaboration. And our challenge will be in staying with ourselves, and trusting ourselves, even when the world around us may doubt us.

The solution is not isolation and hyper independence... the solution is trusting yourself to take the actions needed to find people who you can grow and expand with... as you are all on your path of evolution. Finding bridges, creating solutions, seeing opportunities will all be...

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Dear 💖 Future Self 💖... there's something important I want you to know.

There's something you should know about me.

 I love to make my birthday a big deal. I want an extended birthday celebration. I like to celebrate myself... unapologetically. 


  My birthday is a ritual    

It is how I acknowledge my one Wildly Sacred Life. It is an honouring of how I choose to live my life... and how I want to move forward.

 I started a ritual, which has become incredibly meaningful to me. Inspired by one of my besties Jackie McDonald... and it has become one of my most favourite practices!

 First... I sit and honour the journey I have been on. I celebrate myself. 

For my accomplishments, the tough choices I made, the risks I took, the investments I made, the values I expanded, and the delight I choose. 

Where I choose myself, and the life that really matters to me.

 Second... I take time to acknowledge what I am ready to leave in the past. Usually these are habits or belief systems that,...

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April Energy Forecast - The Rise of the Intuitive Leader

We are entering a new era.

It used to be that external signalling (often with an energy of proving) was important.

  • Did you go to the right school?
  • Are you connected to the right influencers?
  • Are you showing up in the right places, in the right ways?
  • Are you hitting the external targets and milestones that prove your value and expertise?

And while I am certainly not going to deny that education, collaboration, skills and experience aren't important (of course they are!!)... there is a new priority.

Leadership sourced from intuition, energetic connection, and collaboration.

We are in the era of the Rise of the Intuitive Leader... and it starts April 1.

Creating a new way forward is going to require different skills than those we needed in the past.

Your FELT sense and you INTUITIVE sense are more important than ever.

And... I need you to know. These are LEARNABLE skills. 

There is no such thing as a "one-size-fits-all" approach. We all have very different energy, and we are all...

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March Energy Forecast - Find & Prioritize your Inner Compass

Finding and reclaiming your truth.

It's not really lost though, is it?

It's deep within you. It doesn't disappear. But it does get buried under layers of expectation, judgement, and conditions.

So you slowly lose touch with it.. imperceptibly.

This is where you will feel ungrounded, disoriented, confused. Not certain of how to move forward, or even what is true.

So much about 2022 is about reclaiming YOU, your TRUTH, your CODE. So you can be aligned with your centre, and activating your power.

This means that pedestals must fall.

That places you have leaked your power must be reclaimed.

That you must find your inner compass, and prioritize it. Even when - especially when - others are disappointed by you.

Your power is inalienable. Let's help you find the compass to reclaim it, shall we?

This is March energy. Come to my live training in Facebook tomorrow at 11:30 PST.

I will share how the energy will unfold, and how you can leverage it to support you and your goals.


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 My ✨ Word of the Year✨ and the exact process I used to find it. 2022 will unfold differently, and that's kinda the point.

How are you feeling about the start of the year?

I notice an interesting energy, where people feel pressured to "get it right."

  Set goals and intentions by Jan 1;

  Have a clear focus, after spending an hour reflecting; and

  Feel momentum kick in... like now.

Um... can we just take a deep breath together please? This is NOT real.

You don't need to rush yourself love. You have all the time and space you need... energy alignment FIRST will create ease and flow in the decision making and action taking stage of the game!!

Aligning energy takes time, presence and mindfulness.

Rushing does not do you any favours... if anything, it will cause you to be held back.

This year, we are surrounded by so much love and support (hello nurturing 6 energy!!). We also have the entire month of January to explore with curiosity and experiment.

Then in February, an 8 energy month, we will kick into the infinite flow of momentum.

So babe, take your time now. Go slow, be...

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February Energy Forecast

Uncategorized Feb 03, 2022
Devotion to your priorities to expand your energy.
Learn the energy of the month through Numerology so you can understand the patterns as they unfold. We are being called to radically choose ourselves this month... devotion to our priorities and values.... so that we may invest in what truly matters to us. As we do so, we will experience an expansion of our energy - our most precious resource! Tune in for how this will unfold, the themes as they emerge, and significant dates to watch for!
Click the reminder button to join me live!! Bring your questions!!

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"Free people, free people"

Uncategorized Jan 19, 2022
Free people, free people. - Sah D’Simone

This quote moved me deeply.

I can know freedom, intellectually. I can dream and imagine what it looks and feels like for me.

And when I identified freedom as a top value of mine, I saw it as freedom to… be myself, share my gifts, and do work that meant something to me.
To create that freedom in my life required me to take big risks.

Taking big risks can unsettle your nervous system and be terrifying.
This is where my relationship with EFT tapping came in. It created a sense of safety for me. It helped me learn how to articulate my emotions. And be friends with them.
When I learned how to stop running from how I felt, freedom took on a whole new expression in my life.

Sign up for Jackie's free workshop here.
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December Energy Forecast

Uncategorized Dec 08, 2021

December contains an energy of activation. This isn't passive... it requires your deliberate choice, followed by inspired action. There is an energy current this month to activate amplified abundance. Tune in to find out what days are important, and how to leverage the energy to support your goals and desires.


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November Energy Forecast

Uncategorized Nov 02, 2021

Have you been feeling like there is something... hmm... but you can't quite put your finger on what? The energy has been ramping up to November. This may be a bit of a wild ride... but, let me ask you, can you let yourself be WILD?

What if that is exactly what is needed from you?

And what if surrendering to your WILD means a breath of fresh air, a sigh of relief, and a deep belly laugh?

Your wildness wants to emerge. And with it, there will be an unfurling. An emergence.

That "something" will make itself abundantly clear.

Clarity for inspired action? Yes please!

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