Sacred Forecast - Private Report and VIP Session

Your work matters. How you show up and share your gifts, your message, your unique talents in the world is so important. Once you own this, and claim this, you activate something powerful. The Law of Compensation. This Universal Law is what guides our interactions with our world... including how we GIVE and RECEIVE abundance, material wellbeing, health, relationships, love, support and connections. In any given time frame, we have a clear role to play. We are being asked to show up in a specific way, so we can contribute to the world around us. What this means is that there are many people out there who are waiting for you! Who want and NEED you to show up, because they need to experience you. In your Sacred Forecast Report, which is completely unique to you, you will see exactly HOW you contribute. Specifically, learn what 2021 is asking of you. The more you lean into how you are meant to contribute, the more you open yourself up to receiving the abundance, wellbeing and material support you desire. Because Money wants to support you. The Universe wants to support you.  Energy, People, Resources and Opportunities are waiting for you! You just need to show up. In alignment. So that the Universe knows how to be there for you. You will receive a written report (2-4 pages long), plus a 1 hour private VIP session to understand, ask questions, and integrate into your plan for 2021. BONUS: You will receive access to a 2 hour Universal Energy Forecast for 2021!

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