Hi... my name is Meaghan.

I help leaders and teachers feel securely supported in meaningful, purposeful work.

So they can unleash their magic and watch the ripples as they make a difference.

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Prosperity Alignment.

A Strong, Stable, Secure Foundation for your Growth.

2020 is here to support you.  It has a very specific goal: it wants you to feel safe and taken care of so you can do meaningful and impactful work in the world. 

Leverage the patterns of 2020 to support business growth, financial wellbeing, and purpose alignment.

Bonus:  Receive a month-by-month workbook with very specific tasks each month to work with the patterns supporting your goals!

Prosperity Alignment: Important Dates for 2020

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2020 has something in store for you.  A beautiful opportunity, a gift, immense potential. 

Increase your awareness and attention, so you can fully leverage the opportunities as they arise.  

Opportunities.  Synchronicities.  Clients.  Connection.  Health.  Wealth.  Prosperity.  What's next for you?

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Sacred Wealth Program & Coaching


Become Masterful with Money through developing a Sacred Wealth Relationship.

  • Confidence with your Money.  Know what to do to bring in more money, and to manage it well. 
  • Learn how to create paid products that people actually want to buy... that are aligned with meaningful work for you.
  • Discover how Money is actually your greatest teacher and here to support your next level.
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