Hi... my name is Meaghan.

I help leaders and teachers feel securely supported in meaningful, purposeful work.

So they can unleash their magic and watch the ripples as they make a difference.

Sacred Wealth Code

Energy Alignment.

Set your Heart on Fire & your Soul Free.

2021 has a message for you.

You aren’t meant to be caged.

You were not made to exist in limits.

You aren’t here to settle, suffer or struggle.

In fact...

You are meant to feel fire in your heart.

You are meant to feel the expansion of your soul being uplifted.

You are made for freedom, play and pleasure.

Your pleasure is purposeful...
The contrast you see and feel all around you is purposeful. The contrast is fuel for your expanded wellness.
I’m going to be sharing exactly how, why and what you can do about it in my 2021 forecast. Sign up to receive instant access.

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Energy Alignment: Important Dates for 2021

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Certified Practical Numerologist


Numbers are the building blocks of our world. When we can understand them, they reveal to us the patterns of flow and energy in our lives and the Universe. 

Learn the Language of Numbers to understand growth, navigate challenges and uncover your contribution and purpose in life.

This is a powerful growth and transformational tool for coaches, teachers, healers and transformation leaders to support their clients to shift quickly into their highest potential.

Next course begins in May 2021!

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Sacred Forecast


2021 has something in store for you.  A beautiful opportunity, a gift, immense potential. 

Increase your awareness and attention, so you can fully leverage the opportunities as they arise.  

Opportunities.  Synchronicities.  Clients.  Connection.  Health.  Wealth.  Prosperity.  What's next for you?

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Personal Code


Reveal your Personal Code to understand the truth of who you are.

You are here for a reason.  You have a unique gift and contribution to share with the world.

Your challenges are not random.  In fact, they are specifically designed to help you develop the tools, skills, and grit needed to contribute in your unique way.  

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