April Energy Forecast

April is a beautiful month to amplify new beginnings through release of the old, and detoxing patterns, habits and experiences from your life.  

We have two powerful manifestation cycles to leverage!  The first is for release and surrender and completion.  The second is going to invite us to welcome in new opportunities and experiences that are more aligned with our higher good.  

Watch the video for important dates and specific action items!!

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March Energy Forecast

March is the month of DEVOTION. You will be challenged to face all the places you have played small - where you have been ok with "fine".
Are you really fine?
Or are you craving a bigness, a richness, a depth... something you can truly FEEL?
Are you following your soul's calling or living a conditioned life?
Watch the video to find out how you can be supported to lean into Mastery just a little bit more. And create powerful alignment!

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February Energy Forecast

energy forecast Feb 02, 2021

February contains important, milestone energy shifts.

In this forecast, I share how the month will unfold. There are critical dates coming up, and I share what you can do to leverage the energy in support of your goals.

As this month unfolds, we have the opportunity to create powerful momentum - a current - in creating NEW results. Tune in to learn what energy will support you, important questions to ask yourself, and key dates for this month!

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2021 Energy Forecast

energy forecast forecast Jan 07, 2021
2021 has a message for you.
You aren’t meant to be caged.
You were not made to exist in limits.
You aren’t here to settle, suffer or struggle.
In fact...
You are meant to feel fire in your heart.
You are meant to feel the expansion of your soul being uplifted.
You are made for freedom, play and pleasure.
Your pleasure is purposeful...
The contrast you see and feel all around you is purposeful. The contrast is fuel for your expanded wellness.
I’m going to be sharing exactly how, why and what you can do about it in my 2021 forecast. Watch the 2021 Energy Overview below.
Sign up for the entire 2 hour forecast here (which includes detailed breakdown of the energy of each month) and get a bonus workbook with journal prompts and monthly energy alignment tips!

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November Energy Forecast

energy forecast forecast Oct 30, 2020
November is going to start with a bang. There will be some upheaval, some shifts, and some re-adjustments. However, the ultimate potential for this month is to find a harmonized peace and balance.
Tune in to learn the important dates, how to set aligned intentions, and journaling prompts to support you to reach your goals and experience your desires.
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September Energy Forecast

energy forecast Sep 01, 2020

What are you the leader of? 

September is presenting us an opportunity... to say YES and develop the habits, structures and physicality for us to step into leadership in our lives.

We are all leaders in some capacity. We hold the space for the dreams, values and priorities we carry.  And by leaning into the structures to uplift them... we create possibility and opportunity for ourselves and others. 

However... one of the biggest sabotages of true leadership is attachment to a false sense of security.  When we do that, we set ourselves up on a house of cards, versus true stability and safety.   

To explore, listen to the forecast video here, and reflect on some of these journal prompts.

  • How do I know I am safe? What conditions to I require in my life to feel safe?
  • How does this safety impact my power?
  • How can I strengthen and grow my power in this area?
  • What physical practices do I have that support my wellbeing? In what ways am I connecting with myself...
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"I say Yes to Adventure."

Uncategorized Aug 17, 2020

 "I say Yes to adventure."

Adventure, connection and freedom. These are my core values. I hold them close to my heart, and I honour them in every choice I make. When uncertainty or doubt sneaks in, I repeat this to myself.

And my life has expanded exponentially as a result.

“I freaking love my life.”

I take a moment every day. Whether it is sipping my coffee on my deck, amongst my pots of flowers. Or as I stand, ankle deep, at the beach, and feel the water carry away my worries. Or as I sit at my desk, having just completed a training call where I felt the expansion, potential and impact rise, then land and anchor.

I recently spent 5 blissful off-grid days camping. 

We slept in a camper van, overlooking a beautiful sandy beach, listening to the gentle waves ripple as we fell asleep at night.

We slept deeply, cooled by the fresh lake water, with our nightly skinny dip, under an almost full moon.

We danced in the sand, a roaring fire warming us, laughing...

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August Energy Forecast

Uncategorized Aug 01, 2020

August will have fire energy.  

It is meant to be fuel for creation and amplification.  

However, it can consume you if you aren't aware and effectively processing emotion.

Feelings are for feeling.  FEEL THEM!  Surrender and allow them to flow.  Be present with it.  And then, after you process, release.  

Retain the information you receive.

Apply and integrate to move forward.  

What can you do this month to stay aware and present with your emotions?  And what support can you call in to become more emotionally masterful so you are in your power, and not a victim to all that unfolds?

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You are not too late.

Uncategorized Jul 17, 2020

You are not late.
You are not too early.

I am here to tell you: You are just on time.

Facets of the world will tell you:

You need more experience.
You need more education.
You haven't worked hard enough.
It didn't come natural enough.
You don't have the right letters behind your name.
Your network isn't big enough.
Your website isn't shiny enough.
Your style isn't fashionable enough.
You need more time.
You need more facts, education and training.
You need more evidence, testimonials, social proof.

This is a controlling, manipulative, limiting narrative designed to leverage your fears and insecurities. Don't play into it.

Let me tell you the truth:

You are just on time.
You are exactly what is needed.
Your energy is the solution.
You have the right background.
Your life experience has prepared you.
Your connection with the world around you is putting you in the right place, at the right time.
You know more than you realize.
You are perfectly designed for your contribution.
The things you care about...

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July Energy Forecast

energy forecast month Jul 06, 2020

How July is like a big game of Marco-Polo.

Remember playing that game as a kid in the neighbourhood swimming pool?  Well... this month, we are playing a giant version of Marco Polo.  Watch the video to find out WHY and HOW to leverage this energy.

July wants you to know a few key things...

Give yourself permission to want what you want.

Because what you want, wants you.

What matters to you is important.

Prioritize your pleasure, your joy and your fun.

It matters... it is an aspect of your contribution.  This is how all our values, energy, contribution swirl together and create a collective energy... impacting the evolution of humanity.  

Let yourself be cracked open to access YOUR truth. Not the "truth" of the conditioning and expectations of those around you.

Trust yourself to be guided.

What are you converging with?  Play the game, and allow the convergence to support you as you lean into YOUR truth. 

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