🌶Unpopular opinion - this is blocking your results.

Unpopular Opinion: You cannot apply the same process as your mentor and expect the same outcome.

HONESTLY.  It doesn't work that way. And it drives me crazy when people act like you can do exactly the same thing they did, and get the same results.

Why?? Because your energy is NOT the same as theirs. 

Our Codes govern how energy moves through our system. It will highlight to you:
Your gifts and opportunities.
Your challenges and sabotages.
Where you can activate abundance, wealth & wellbeing.

And it works differently for different Codes.
When we ignore this, we set both ourselves AND our clients up for failure.

But here's the thing. When you understand this, you can SUPPORT them to implement a process in ALIGNMENT to their energy patterns.

Which means it will be MORE effective for them. They WILL get the results and outcomes, because it is customized to their Code.
Side effect?
They will feel seen, heard and understood... which makes YOU look like a rockstar .

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🎋"I choose to play in the Abundance economy"

"I choose to play in the Economics of Abundance."

Pull up with your cup of tea or hippie coffee... because this is a university level convo about the Abundance Economy.

I just received the most lovely feedback from someone who signed up for my marketing workshop (thank you beautiful soul ).

I share my work freely and generously (this person was thanking me for that).
I believe in generosity and abundance, and so this always feels good for me to do so.
There is no catch. I genuinely WANT to share it with anyone who feels called to learn and explore more.

Information is freely available to use now. You can google anything. Ask chatgpt to teach you things, summarize research for you, help you access the latest details on anything you could possibly want to know.

And I think this is the most wonderful thing ever. It awakens ancient memories of a time where open exchange with an open heart was the norm. No one in society lacked for anything.

So I share freely, because I believe the way to...

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🔮June energy forecast AND Tarot layout inside!

Key themes this month include:

Being a rebel WITH a cause, marching to the beat of your own drum, and making the changes your Soul is asking for.

Travel, explore, try different things... let yourself experiment! You have a gut feeling that things could be different... and you won't truly know until you try!

A self-worth and money portal (starting June 4) where you will have the opportunity to upgrade your value and your money relationship!

AND I have an exciting NEW RESOURCE to share with you on this!!! I will announce details tomorrow... but here's a hint... if you want to uplevel your relationship with MONEY, you may want to tune in!!

As you know, in the forecast I share ALLLL the details of the month ahead including important dates!

Watch the forecast here!

It will be up on my podcast shortly as well:  Spotify or Apple Podcast!

AND... grab a deck of oracle or tarot cards and try my Numerology Tarot layout for the month!!  Post your reading over in my community so...

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✨Do you see number patterns?

Are you obsessed with numbers like I am ?? ‍

Do you see repeating patterns?? Or really notice specific numbers coming up for you?

Numbers contain energy. They also have a self-actualizing potential. What this means is they can POINT you towards your goals, desires and greater fulfillment in life
The numbers are LITERALLY a MAP to your best life.

The energy numbers show us contains a polarity.

One side shows us the challenge, struggle and sabotage. Um... like my extreme sensitivity.
The other side shows us potential, possibility, expansion and evolution. Like my powerful intuition and ability to connect energetically.

So... when you see a number, you are being presented with an opportunity.

Do I choose sabotage? Or possibility?

Do I struggle? Or lean into growth?

And if you understand the message the number carries... as well as how it interacts with your personal Code... it becomes an opportunity rich with awareness and guidance.

I teach numerology as an empowerment tool.

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🤔How many of these are true for you?

How many of these apply to you?
  1. You see number patterns frequently.
  2. You notice signs and synchronicities more often than seems like a "coincidence".
  3. You don't believe in coincidence 😉
  4. You sense things... whether it's an inner knowing, a gut feeling, or something you can't really put your finger on.
  5. You think of someone, and they text you or you see them shortly after.
  6. Your friends come to you for advice, guidance, or a listening ear.
  7. You are easily overcome with emotion... both the beautiful sweetness of life, but also the challenges and struggles of life.
  8. You know you have a path of destiny... but you also know you play a HUGE role in activating your destiny. And you want more clear directions on HOW to help it unfold.
  9. You often receive insights for others, and you aren't always sure what to do with them.
  10. You often question what feels surface-level, you have a craving for depth, and you want to understand the greater meaning.

If you resonate with even a handful of these, it...
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Controversial opinion: what you reject about yourself is 🗝

What you reject about yourself... is ACTUALLY your super power

I spent so much of my life thinking I was too sensitive. Too talkative. Too emotional.

Turns out... you can see this in my Code.

My sensitivity WAS a problem... when I was pushing it away, shoving it down... and disconnecting from it.

But... as soon as I saw it as a STRENGTH, and a GIFT... I embraced it.

I embodied it.

And something magical happened.

My light turned on. My magnetism ramped up. I was on fire

Do you love Numbers??? ‍

Do you see repeating patterns?? Or really notice specific numbers coming up for you?

Numbers contain energy. They also have a self-actualizing potential.

The energy contains a polarity. One side shows us the challenge, struggle and sabotage. Um... like my extreme sensitivity.

The other side shows us potential, possibility, expansion and evolution. Like my powerful intuition and ability to connect energetically.

So... when you see a number, you are being presented with an opportunity.


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🔥The thing that lit my Intuition on FIRE

Can I share a story with you?

I remember the day I discovered my Code. I remember time standing still... I could feel my heart beating in my chest and the words echoed in my head... and it was like the world around me froze, just for a moment.

"Your deep sensitivity is your greatest strength."

I replayed the phrase several times. I sat a little taller in my chair. My greatest strength?? All my life I tried to distance myself from my sensitivity. I had been told I was TOO sensitive, felt too deeply. And so, I turned down the volume, and disassociated from it.

But... when I heard this phrase... my soul resonated with the truth of the words. I could feel them so deeply. I instantly knew it was right.

My sensitivity was NOT an accident. It was a divine gift. I simply needed to learn how to work with it masterfully.

In that moment, I made a commitment to myself. I was going to honour my gifts and my strengths by developing them, and leaning into them... because I knew they were the key...

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May Energy Forecast - Numerology Codes for this month!

Key themes for the month include leadership, structure and foundation, and nervous system regulation. There will be key changes unfolding, and it is our job to create the foundations that will support us to feel safe and grounded through the changes. There is a BIG opportunity for an Abundance Activation... tune in for the specific dates! 

If you want to find out HOW this energy will unfold specifically FOR YOU... download the Tarot Numerology Layout to find out!!

And send me a DM via Instagram here, or email me at and let me know... what are you most excited about for May?

You can also listen to it here- Apple PodcastsSpotify.

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✨Connect with the Consciousness of your Business

When you create a "line in the sand" moment, what you are actually doing is activating a new timeline.
And I want to share exactly how in a moment.

But first, on this fresh and shiny new month... let's do a little check-in, shall we?

Check-in with the Consciousness of Your Business

Take a minute, close your eyes, and take a few grounding breaths in.
You may want to hold a crystal in your hand, or apply some essential oil to center you.

Bring into your mind's eye, or into your awareness that your business has consciousness. It has it's own energetic makeup, and you are co-creating with it.

You may picture it as a colour, or a random form, or even an animal or a tree or an element of nature. You may simply sense it. It doesn't really matter how it appears to you.
Take a moment to acknowledge it with curiosity and wonder.

Then ask it these questions:

How are you doing, really?
What do you most want and need?
How can I better support you?

Pull out your journal... and let the answers flow....

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April Numerology Energy Forecast - Deepest self-expression and abundance of creativity

April is a fired-up energy month!! It's asking for your deepest self-expression... no more holding back on what you truly feel and know as your truth.

Your relationship with money will come up as well... particularly in highlighting where money has been a villain or a bully in your life.

I also go into the numerology of the solar eclipse on April 8, as well as a few other key dates for April.

If you would like to receive a personalized Numerology forecast based on your unique energy, check out my website: www.MeaghanAlton.com And click "book in with Meaghan" or send me a note!!


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