Balance is hell. Tell me I'm wrong.

Can I be real with you around the idea of balance?

Honestly... I hate the idea and the concept. It makes me crazy. Even when the word slips out of my mouth "I need to find more balance...'". Words trailing...

I feel nauseous, stomach turning. It is a losing battle I don't think I will ever win.

Last week I was feeling some deep overwhelm. And I found myself telling the story of seeking balance. How I was out of balance, life was out of balance, and if only...

Ugh. Fuck balance. And honestly... I just don't want to play a game that I am bound to lose, and leaves me feeling horrible.

And as I was turning around these ideas in my mind... I came across of piece of writing from 4.5 years ago. I wrote it when I was freshly post-partum with baby number 3... my little angel Mira.

Can I share an excerpt of what I wrote with you?

Balance, to me, invokes an image of a tight rope. A thin line. Walking every so carefully, so deliberately, so much focus and concentration required.


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Numerology is a powerful tool to increase your magnetism and radiance. Here's 3 ways.

I say "Energy is everything." All. The. Time.

So much so that it can become cliche, right?

Yes, energy is everything. But what about when I feel off? Then what? I still want (and need!!) to engage with life.

My life force energy is everything. It determines how vibrant and alive I feel. It determines how magnetic I feel.

Being magnetic and vibrant and radiant... yes it feels good. But it also literally CREATES good.

This is what draws you to people, resources and opportunities that allow you to expand, amplify and collaborate with wealth and wellbeing.

Life force energy is a limitless resource...we just need to learn to harness it. And we can use it to create expanded wealth and wellbeing.

Here are 3 ways Numerology can help you do this:

Unravel old stories of who you are NOT by honouring who you truly are.

Often we carry patterns that are not ours. They come from following "shoulds" and expectations of others. When we are finding our way in the world, we lean a lot on the...

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June Energy Forecast - Alignment with Your Natural State of Abundance Recorded live

Themes that are emerging this month:
Thought leadership - you have an opportunity to expand your body of work.
Karma - your role as the author of your destiny, and co-creative experience with the Universe.
Energy of presence - balancing love, leadership in relationships.
AND I will be sharing significant dates and what actions and work you can do to be IN FLOW with the natural currents of energy all around you!
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What if I told you you aren't doing it wrong? You may simply be painting with a watered down colour.

Sometimes it feels like the world takes so much, doesn’t it?

It can feel like no matter how much you do, there is someone or something asking for more.

It feels like you have tried so hard to create the ease you crave.

You have tried working harder, being more structured, being more focused.

You have tried resting, integrating self-care, and tried to be more in flow.

And yet… it feels like the ease and alignment you crave is just out of reach.

What if I told you that it doesn’t matter HOW well you DO the things (being productive balanced with self-care).

It’s not your PROCESS that is faulty.

Love, you aren’t doing it wrong.

You may simply be painting with a watered-down colour.

It may be tinted with the colours of those around you… those who inspire and influence you.

It may be faint with exhaustion of all the years of trying so hard to walk down a path that wasn’t fully right for you.

It may be dull with living up to the ideas and...

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When the "pull towards" of intuition bumps up against the "push away" of fear.

A while back, I started getting intrigued by cold water plunges.

Why? I don't know. But I could let the idea go. Even though I HATE the cold.

For some reason I felt drawn to try it. A magnetic pull.

And at the same time... I was terrified.

Would I get hypothermia? Would my body shut down? What if something went wrong? Would this hurt me? And... really... I was terrified of being so freaking cold.

And here is the relationship between intuition and fear.

Your intuition pulls you. It's when something catches your attention, and draws you in.

And your fear pushes you away. It may cause you to freeze or run away. It creates resistance against the very thing your intuition is asking you to explore.

I felt this push/pull fear/intuition dichotomy so many times in my life. Maybe you have too?

 When I was pregnant with my first baby, and my intuition was asking me to do things differently than what I observed around me.

When I had a seemingly secure and stable corporate career that paid...

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The most important commitment is the one I made to myself.

So I did a thing. Three times actually.

I went into the freezing cold lake this winter..... Almost freezing temperatures. For 2+ mins.

Crazy right? 

I'm the kinda girl who HATES to be cold. Who loves the beach.. when its 30+ degrees! Who would take baking hot over chilly any day.

But it was one of those things that called to me. Intrigued me. And I couldn't get the idea go. 

So when my friend Anna invited me, I had to say yes.

The first time... there was a group of us. Anna walked us through a breathing exercise and told us what to expect. And it was HARD. But I also felt supported, and with my friends... and really the conditions were set for me to be successful.

But the next Sunday... no one showed up. I was the only one there, doing the plunge. 

Would I remember the breathing technique?

What if something went wrong?

Who would l look to for support, for encouragement?

And... truth be told...  I was just plain old scared!!

I did have a friend with me, who...

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 I bought myself a birthday 🎈 gift... and I held myself back from celebrating.

One year ago, I test drove a new vehicle. 

As soon as I sat in the vehicle... it felt familiar. Like home. Natural. So comfortable.

Then life got busy, and I put it off.

I took a mindful pause over December. I slowed down. And... guess what popped up?

The vehicle I test drove. 

Despite being told it would be a 4-6 month wait to get the one I wanted... One landed in my lap. With a 1 month wait.

It arrived 1 week before my birthday.

It felt like a physical manifestation of my values - freedom, adventure and connection.

It felt like an expression of my independence. I can go up to the ski hill without getting stuck, I can drive down any back road I want for the perfect camping spot.

It felt like an acknowledgement of my landing, grounded and secure, as a single mama of 3. An expression of knowingness... that I am safe, and I am ok. And I am so much more than that... I am also abundant and I am thriving. 

But... for some reason... I hesitated to celebrate it. I couldn't...

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May Energy Forecast - The Healing Power of Connection

Are you a deep feeler?

Do you sense energy and information that is unseen?

Your skills will feel like they are on steroids this month! You will feel very connected to those around you, and highly sensitive to energy, information and emotions. Everyone will. This is an incredibly important energy as we are going through big changes.

It is a time where co-regulation and interdependence is critical. It is the time to find people who will be with you, in your process, and support you to step into your power even more this month. We will strongly benefit from connection and collaboration. And our challenge will be in staying with ourselves, and trusting ourselves, even when the world around us may doubt us.

The solution is not isolation and hyper independence... the solution is trusting yourself to take the actions needed to find people who you can grow and expand with... as you are all on your path of evolution. Finding bridges, creating solutions, seeing opportunities will all be...

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Dear 💖 Future Self 💖... there's something important I want you to know.

There's something you should know about me.

 I love to make my birthday a big deal. I want an extended birthday celebration. I like to celebrate myself... unapologetically. 


  My birthday is a ritual    

It is how I acknowledge my one Wildly Sacred Life. It is an honouring of how I choose to live my life... and how I want to move forward.

 I started a ritual, which has become incredibly meaningful to me. Inspired by one of my besties Jackie McDonald... and it has become one of my most favourite practices!

 First... I sit and honour the journey I have been on. I celebrate myself. 

For my accomplishments, the tough choices I made, the risks I took, the investments I made, the values I expanded, and the delight I choose. 

Where I choose myself, and the life that really matters to me.

 Second... I take time to acknowledge what I am ready to leave in the past. Usually these are habits or belief systems that,...

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April Energy Forecast - The Rise of the Intuitive Leader

We are entering a new era.

It used to be that external signalling (often with an energy of proving) was important.

  • Did you go to the right school?
  • Are you connected to the right influencers?
  • Are you showing up in the right places, in the right ways?
  • Are you hitting the external targets and milestones that prove your value and expertise?

And while I am certainly not going to deny that education, collaboration, skills and experience aren't important (of course they are!!)... there is a new priority.

Leadership sourced from intuition, energetic connection, and collaboration.

We are in the era of the Rise of the Intuitive Leader... and it starts April 1.

Creating a new way forward is going to require different skills than those we needed in the past.

Your FELT sense and you INTUITIVE sense are more important than ever.

And... I need you to know. These are LEARNABLE skills. 

There is no such thing as a "one-size-fits-all" approach. We all have very different energy, and we are all...

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