✨Do you see number patterns?

Are you obsessed with numbers like I am ?? ‍

Do you see repeating patterns?? Or really notice specific numbers coming up for you?

Numbers contain energy. They also have a self-actualizing potential. What this means is they can POINT you towards your goals, desires and greater fulfillment in life
The numbers are LITERALLY a MAP to your best life.

The energy numbers show us contains a polarity.

One side shows us the challenge, struggle and sabotage. Um... like my extreme sensitivity.
The other side shows us potential, possibility, expansion and evolution. Like my powerful intuition and ability to connect energetically.

So... when you see a number, you are being presented with an opportunity.

Do I choose sabotage? Or possibility?

Do I struggle? Or lean into growth?

And if you understand the message the number carries... as well as how it interacts with your personal Code... it becomes an opportunity rich with awareness and guidance.

I teach numerology as an empowerment tool.

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Controversial opinion: what you reject about yourself is 🗝

What you reject about yourself... is ACTUALLY your super power

I spent so much of my life thinking I was too sensitive. Too talkative. Too emotional.

Turns out... you can see this in my Code.

My sensitivity WAS a problem... when I was pushing it away, shoving it down... and disconnecting from it.

But... as soon as I saw it as a STRENGTH, and a GIFT... I embraced it.

I embodied it.

And something magical happened.

My light turned on. My magnetism ramped up. I was on fire

Do you love Numbers??? ‍

Do you see repeating patterns?? Or really notice specific numbers coming up for you?

Numbers contain energy. They also have a self-actualizing potential.

The energy contains a polarity. One side shows us the challenge, struggle and sabotage. Um... like my extreme sensitivity.

The other side shows us potential, possibility, expansion and evolution. Like my powerful intuition and ability to connect energetically.

So... when you see a number, you are being presented with an opportunity.


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💕Antidote to Overwhelm

Is literally EVERYONE feeling overwhelmed right now?

Honestly I get it. Everything is a lot right now.

Feeling overwhelmed is a natural response.

And when we feel this way... we think we need to do less.

And maybe that's true. But... hear me out for a minute.

What if we actually need to do MORE of what's meaningful to us

YES, cut out some of the stuff that is draining life force energy.

AND replace it with stuff that lights you up, fuels your Soul and sets your Heart on FIRE!!!

Passion, excitement, delight, playfulness... THESE are the tools that heal overwhelm.

Connection with those who inspire you. Things that help you view the world in new and interesting ways. Reminding yourself of the divinity all around you.

This is the antidote to overwhelm.

Your Energy is Medicine

For you, for your loved ones, for clients, for the world.

Prioritizing your energy and your Sacred Gifts can change everything.

Numerology has been the pathway for me and so many others... to rediscover meaning in...

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2024 Year Ahead forecast - Numerology based Predictions for the year!

2024 is the year of Infinite Abundance. A

nd it will require 1 thing from you: that you dissolve all your barriers to Abundance. And that you recognize all that ISN'T abundance in your life.

You will learn a more potent relationship with your power - especially in your inner power.

Your practices, your habits, your devotion will come up... what are you truly committed to?

And are you willing to walk towards what you know is true in your heart?

Are you willing to take a stand for the Abundance you know is true? Abundance means fullness... and what is available to us is a fullness of financial wellbeing, happiness, love, health and peace.

But it will also mean being willing to see the blocks and barriers we have set up, holding is back from Infinite Abundance.

As we leave 2023... we have a stronger relationship with our intuition.

A more potent and powerful relationship with trusting ourselves. And a fierceness, if we are willing to stand for what we know to be truth.

And in...

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This may sound a little extreme

This might sound a little extreme.

And may stir things up for you.

But here's a truth I have discovered:
➡️You absolutely CANNOT walk this journey alone.⬅️
Not  if you want to move with any sense of ease or flow.
If you do choose to walk it alone... be prepared to struggle. And feel like you are walking in quicksand.
BUT if you choose to walk with community... be prepared for so much more.
💕Expect to have your heart cracked open with love, support and kindness... because you have each other's backs.
💕Expect collaboration to expand your financial success... hello collaborative wealth.
💕Expect to feel cared for, nurtured, appreciated and respected... because these energies dominate reciprocal relationships.
💕Expect your desires to rapidly manifest... because of the powers of synergy and energy amplification.
And one of my favourite things about my work is the incredible community that has developed over 11 years now.
They support, empower and uplift each other... and we are all better...
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🤔What is Oracular Magic?

The Year of Oracular Magic

I have been saying all year… NOW is the time to activate your Oracular Magic.

But I realize that may have some of you a little lost… what is Oracular Magic? 

It is the ability to see energy, see patterns, see beyond the 3 dimensional world we live in. You may see possibility and potential (one of my most power gifts). You may see timelines and paradigms. You may see past lives. You may see how to shift out of challenge.  Everyone’s Oracular gifts will express in different ways… and there is no one RIGHT way to do it!!

So… the next question is… Well… HOW do I do that???

Here’s how:

You pick a modality. And you study it. 

It doesn’t really matter which one. What matter is you feel the calling of your Soul.  

Then you follow your intrigue

And if that is Numerology… let’s walk this path together.

Because developing your Oracular Magic requires devotion and...

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✨Reminder: You were made for times like these.

In this potent 7 energy…I am feeling the intensity spark.

And I just want to remind you... that we were MADE for times like these.

We, at the Soul level, have chosen this experience.

We are perfectly equipped to handle it.

Of course, we aren't perfect.

Of course, we will mess it up, get it wrong, flounder and sputter.

We don't see or realize the timeline adjustments that are unfolding in our floundering.

We don't realize the wrinkles we are ironing out in our 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th try.

So if you are in the midst of floundering right now... does it help to remember:

there is a strength growing within you.

That this is activating an initiation.

That the magic of 7 is the illusions... that stuff is happening underground, deep within... even if you can't see the physical evidence YET.

I am curious... Are you feeling what's brewing deep within right now? 

Numerology is the most powerful tool to help you understand, Alchemize and activatate these shifts that are bubbling...

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Alchemize your challenge ➡️ into an opportunity

Someone asked me the other day...Why Numerology?

And it sent me for a rip down memory lane...

‍Because when I was told I was too much… too sensitive, too talkative, too bossy… it helped me find my superpower as a sensitive, intuitive teacher who could very clearly see pathways to potential and possibility.

Because we are surrounded by energy all the time. And it is all around us to support us, help us and guide us to fulfill our goals, desires and dreams.  We simply need to interpre it, and understand it. And work with it.

Because life isn’t meant to be punitive. Our challenges aren’t here to hurt us.  In fact, they are an initiation.

Our challenges initiate us into greater levels of our potential and our gifts.

They are HOW we develop potency and mastery over our gifts.

Because when we face hard things… we aren’t meant to freeze, pull back, shrink or stop.

We are meant to find our centre, and activate Alchemy

Challenges are...

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9 Numerology readings in 3 hours: lessons inside

I attended a beautiful event hosted by Dare to Dream at the AIM Center in Kelowna… it was incredible. And the other speakers and practitioners are some of the most brilliant minds and hearts... it was an honour to collaborate with them.

I got to share a 45 min talk… where I talked about HOW we can use Numerology to create Alchemy in our lives, transmuting challenges into opportunity (if you are curious to know HOW, send me a note!!).

And I shared 9 Numerology readings in 3 hours… connecting at the Soul level with 9 beautiful hearts.  

It was so beautiful and so profound.

The gift of sharing intuitive readings is people share their truest hearts with you, and reveal to you what they most fear, what they are grieving, what they dream of, and what they most desire in life. And holding space for those kinds of conversations is LIFE for me.

Here are the 9 things I learned from being a speaker and practitioner at the event:

  1. Having a very clear niche, being...
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When life becomes unbearable, this is where I turn.

I turned to Numerology when the unpredictability of my life got to be too much to bear.

I was struggling ‍ ... and the more I struggled, the more lost I felt.

I lost who I was. I lost my "why". I lost what my precious gifts were .

And  Numerology brought me back to myself ... reminded me of who I am. And helped me to reclaim my power.

AND... it is now helping me expand and thrive.

It helped me create powerful trust with my coaching clients... because they felt seen, heard, and understood.

I have a waitlist of people who want forecasts and numerology readings from me... because my ability to tap into the energy using numbers is so clear and concrete for them.

I have guided my business to surpass my corporate income year after year, even growing when many others have struggled... through consistent offers, repeat clients, and a highly loyal community. Because I understand the energy, and provide consistent value with my forecasting.

 💕Are you curious to learn more about...

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