My colleague called me crazy. 😬 But I did it anyway.

I did something this week... that many people thought was a bad idea.

In fact, a colleague even called me crazy.

It was too much work.
It was going to take too much time.
People wouldn't appreciate the efforts I made.
I had no way of knowing if it would benefit me at all.

But I did it anyway.

Because we have to allow space for those intuitive nudges and divine downloads...even if others think we are NUTS.

BUT... here is the KEY.

We MUST follow them up with strategy.

This is NOT optional. If you DON'T follow with the strategy, you WILL:

Exhaust yourself.
Burn yourself out.
Over give.
Get resentful.

Which is a recipe for you to crash... and take even LONGER to recover than whatever gains you made in the first place (‍yes, lol, I am talking from experience here ).

So... I received the divine guidance. I took action. And I followed up with strategy.

And to be honest? I feel freaking incredible!!!!

I had FUN.
I provided incredible VALUE.
I served my community, and they were deeply grateful.

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🎋"I choose to play in the Abundance economy"

"I choose to play in the Economics of Abundance."

Pull up with your cup of tea or hippie coffee... because this is a university level convo about the Abundance Economy.

I just received the most lovely feedback from someone who signed up for my marketing workshop (thank you beautiful soul ).

I share my work freely and generously (this person was thanking me for that).
I believe in generosity and abundance, and so this always feels good for me to do so.
There is no catch. I genuinely WANT to share it with anyone who feels called to learn and explore more.

Information is freely available to use now. You can google anything. Ask chatgpt to teach you things, summarize research for you, help you access the latest details on anything you could possibly want to know.

And I think this is the most wonderful thing ever. It awakens ancient memories of a time where open exchange with an open heart was the norm. No one in society lacked for anything.

So I share freely, because I believe the way to...

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Controversial opinion: what you reject about yourself is 🗝

What you reject about yourself... is ACTUALLY your super power

I spent so much of my life thinking I was too sensitive. Too talkative. Too emotional.

Turns out... you can see this in my Code.

My sensitivity WAS a problem... when I was pushing it away, shoving it down... and disconnecting from it.

But... as soon as I saw it as a STRENGTH, and a GIFT... I embraced it.

I embodied it.

And something magical happened.

My light turned on. My magnetism ramped up. I was on fire

Do you love Numbers??? ‍

Do you see repeating patterns?? Or really notice specific numbers coming up for you?

Numbers contain energy. They also have a self-actualizing potential.

The energy contains a polarity. One side shows us the challenge, struggle and sabotage. Um... like my extreme sensitivity.

The other side shows us potential, possibility, expansion and evolution. Like my powerful intuition and ability to connect energetically.

So... when you see a number, you are being presented with an opportunity.


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