📖 Story time: How I became a Numerologist - A trip down memory lane!

Someone asked me the other day HOW I got into Numerology.

And it was SO fun going down these memories of my journey.

I wasn’t always intuitive.  In fact, I didn’t think I had any intuition at all.

But 10 years ago I started my business as a business coach… I worked with online businesses, brick and mortar companies… an eyeglass store, a construction company… it was SO much fun, and so rewarding.

Since I studied business in University, and have a Master's degree in Economics, becoming a business coach seemed a complete natural step!

And at the same time I was on a journey to understand energy and intuition.  And when I came across Numerology, my mind was blown.

I couldn’t get it out of my mind.

So I studied… and I started to do the charts of my biz clients on the DL… totally behind the scenes. 

And the results informed HOW I coached and advised them.

AND their results skyrocketed.  I was even surprised.

And they...

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Practical Numerology, practical, tangible, and applied.

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I went for a walk with my friend Lea. She told me it takes hearing something 8 times before we believe it.

I went for a walk yesterday my friend Lea. She told me it takes hearing something 8 times before we believe it.
In my work I talk a lot about the believability index.
Let me ask you a question.
On a scale of 1 to 10 how strong is your belief:
That you are powerful? Capable
That you are infinitely supported and deeply guided by your intuition
That your intuition is always bringing you closer to your highest good?
That you can use your intuition to support your clients, your work, your business and your wealth?
Answer honestly to yourself - there is no right or wrong.
But know this. Your believability is NOT fixed.
It changes daily, even moment to moment. It changes based on thought patterns habits and actions you take every single day.
So knowing this… You can choose.
To make these statements true for you...your job is to simply increase your believability index.
It doesn’t just happen from one practice or one...
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