I went for a walk with my friend Lea. She told me it takes hearing something 8 times before we believe it.

I went for a walk yesterday my friend Lea. She told me it takes hearing something 8 times before we believe it.
In my work I talk a lot about the believability index.
Let me ask you a question.
On a scale of 1 to 10 how strong is your belief:
That you are powerful? Capable
That you are infinitely supported and deeply guided by your intuition
That your intuition is always bringing you closer to your highest good?
That you can use your intuition to support your clients, your work, your business and your wealth?
Answer honestly to yourself - there is no right or wrong.
But know this. Your believability is NOT fixed.
It changes daily, even moment to moment. It changes based on thought patterns habits and actions you take every single day.
So knowing this… You can choose.
To make these statements true for you...your job is to simply increase your believability index.
It doesn’t just happen from one practice or one thought. It happens through devotion and commitment… The power of the 8. Mindfully choose that your intuition is your superpower and then backing it up with the practices and the habits to make this your truth.
Your intuition is a muscle. You can strengthen and grow it with practices and tools that you use regularly. Just the same as going to the gym regularly to strengthen other muscles in your body. If you want greater insight into yourself and your clients, this is one of the most powerful and accessible tools.
You can learn about the energy within a person -> ENERGY BLUEPRINTS
You can also learn how to work with energy unfolding over time -> FORECASTING.
These are just some of the things that we can do together when we lean into numerology to support you to grow your intuition, your confidence and your business.

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