Practical Numerology Certification

Learn the Language of Numbers to understand growth, navigate challenges and uncover your contribution and purpose in life.

Next Course Starts October 12, 2021.

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Jen Kohler

Certified Practical Numerologist

Practical Numerology has been an amazing addition to my toolbox. I LOVE using it in every aspect of my life and business. I find myself checking the numbers of everyone I meet so I can know them better. I want to know the energy of the day too because it makes it easier and more fruitful to plan my life and calendar.

I love knowing the numbers of family members and business partners as it helps me to understand how they walk through the world! Imagine being able to know your spouse, children, clients and business partners better so that when you are interacting you can help them to be their best self.  It is amazing! 

Andrea Arledge

Certified Practical Numerologist

The Practical Numerology Course brought me so much insight into not only understanding the numbers I had seen from the time I can remember, literally, but also helped me understand my patterns.

Numerology has given me a deep respect for what was already written in the stars for me. I understand myself, the Universe and others in patterns that are encoded in the numbers. Numerology is truly an amazing tool that has even helped me in my own business. I am so grateful for this course. 

You Were Born With A Code.

Your gifts. Your strengths. Your unique purpose and contribution.

The difference you are here to make. 

These can all be found in your Code.  Once you understand your Code, something powerful happens. It's like the fog is lifted on the struggles you have faced.

You can see the skill sets your challenges have developed in you... and you can clearly understand how they are meant to serve you in your unique path.

You receive a perspective on your life that allows you to see the truth of who you are in a more intimate way.

The most beautiful thing about this?

You will receive radical, powerful permission to be YOU... radiant in your purpose and mission in life.  


Certified Practical Numerologist Training

Pay in Full Bonus:

You will receive a private Numerology reading with an Advanced Numerologist, including a written report and a 60 minute intuitive session.  Receive a link to book within 48 hours of registering through the full-pay link!  Learn more about your personal Code as you dive into Practical Numerology. 

Bonuses you can receive with the Practical Numerology Certification

I have created a few additional trainings to share with you to set you up as a successful intuitive reading, with a thriving business!

Ideal Client Workshop – Fast Action, Expires on Monday, October 4.

Discover WHO is your ideal client, and HOW to connect with them. This is not typical ideal client work, looking at superficial demographics. Discover the unique energy your ideal client carries, how you connect with them, their deepest fears, and most precious desires.  In this way, you can connect with them in a way that truly matters. Includes a workshop AND a personalized Ideal Client Report.

Soul Aligned Sales Plan – Fast Action, First 15 Students registered.

This is a 3-part workshop that follows the Ideal Client workshop. In this training, we spend time getting clear on your client journey through education-based marketing, to a low-cost offer, and finally profitable products. This is a “do it as we go” workshop, where I will guide you and we will work together on the call, creating a Soul Aligned Sales plan, that you can feel confident and clear as it is aligned with your energy Code, and that of your Ideal Client.

Business Bootcamp:  5 days to massive momentum. Get your clear, confident and aligned to create powerful traction in your work,  offers, content, products and services so that you feel confident and aligned in your business. Making it easy to attract and draw in more of your ideal clients!

The Transformation Formula: 6 steps to get your clients the growth they truly desire.

Plan and implement powerful, transformational, loving and supportive client sessions.  There are 6 steps. And I will help you with all the work – the set-up, prep, and in-session steps… to feel confident and clear as an intuitive reader with your clients.


Kasia Rachfall

Certified Advanced Numerologist

Thank you so much! I always appreciate your way of organizing the information and making it make all the sense!

Jenn Kyllo

Certified Advanced Numerologist

What happened in Week 5 was something I will never forget.  I had my breakthrough!

Skeleton Key to Transformation and Growth

Practical Numerology is the most powerful tool to support growth and transformation in yourself... and your clients.  

You can see their patterns, clearly, and they will resonate with understanding as you share their gifts, challenges and contributions with them.  It opens them up to be reading, willing and able to see their truth, and support their own evolution into the growth, impact and life they truly desire.  

Use their Practical Numerology Chart to support their transformation, in whatever goal or desire they have.

  • You can see the types of strategies and actions that will be most supportive to their energy patterns... setting them up for success in working with you.
  • You can uncover shortcuts to navigating their sabotages... so you won't be spending ages working through resistance. 
  • You can help them leverage their innate, coded strengths... so they can make quick wins, creating powerful momentum for their success. 
Join Practical Numerology

Why Take This Training?

  • Increase your confidence and client trust with your accuracy and insight.
  • Improve client conversion and retention, as the outcomes of your work increase.
  • Create a new revenue stream in providing Blueprints and Reports.
  • Have clients coming back regular updates, monthly and annually.
  • Connect clients to their unique prosperity and abundance cycle.
  • Have an incredibly loyal client base with high referrals.   
  • Identify brand, niche and ideal clients quickly and effectively... both for yourself as well as your clients. 

And I will show you how our students can make back their investment in 3-4 clients!

Key Benefits of Numerology

Having an edge in business and life - that makes challenges easier to navigate and success easier to spot - has been the key to my success... that the success of so many of our student.

I have been devoted to this system and I am committed to mastery AND making it accessible, practical and easy to use.

When you understand Numerology, it is a like having a secret decoder, a manual, to a rich depth of understanding of those around you.  You can very quickly see through to heart of someone - their gifts, their challenges - their superpowers and their sabotages.  

I am devoted to sharing this with leaders and teachers who are eager help others using Numerology as a guide and tool. 

I teach numerology in a unique, practical way. My goal is to help you understand the system of numerology and how to apply it to everyday issues.

This isn't about memorizing. And this is NOT a cookie cutter approach.  You will learn to tap into your own intuition so you can trust yourself with your clients. In fact, your intuition will grow and strengthen in ways that will astound you.

Getting started can feel daunting, I get it.  Many of my clients discover they can read intuitively in a matter of weeks, because of the activation and the powerful techniques I share.  I have also made it really easy for you with the Numerology Database, filled with definitions that you can use to build reports for your own clients.  You have permission to use our custom created reports to begin sharing this information with clients right away and making a return on your investment very quickly!

I know, sometimes that little voice of insecurity can sneak in.  I want you to know - I am here for you.  There is also a rich supportive community of current and past students.  There is always someone to answer your questions and give feedback along the way. At the end, I will review your coursework to ensure that you are reading the numbers accurately.

Upon completion, you receive your certificate of completion, indicating your mastery of this level 1 course. What you do with this material from there is limitless and you can feel confident applying this knowledge to your current work or start a whole new business!  

I am so excited to support you as you uncover what's possible and what lights you up!

Program Includes:

  • Database to access definitions and explanations of codes and patterns, so you can begin to interpret charts right away.
  • Templates and standard charts, so you can dive in on the first call, analyzing your first client chart.
  • 6 weeks of training calls, where Numerology training will be delivered live via zoom conferencing. Recordings will be provided as well.
  • 6 weeks of tutorial calls, where you will be able to experiment and try out your skills with space for support, coaching and Q&A.
  • A rich, supportive community of past and current students.

Certified Practical Numerologist Training

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