"I am not an Economist anymore, you know that right?"

“I am not an economist anymore, you know that right?”

When I said that statement… I could feel the nerves, insecurity and trepidation bubbling up.
He was someone for whom I WANTED his acceptance… and I really wasn’t sure if I would get it.

Should I start at the beginning?
If you have ever wondered if it was safe or ok to share your magic... this story is for you

‍And it is the story of the LAST time I held back‍

I received an email from someone I didn’t know at my old university.

Where I studied business and economics.

I earned my business degree & was awarded the medal in business… to the person with the highest marks in the entire program.

I freaking LOVE business.

It is a deep passion of mine.

It actually started with a fiery love for money.

When I was 6 years old, when everyone else wanted to play house, I used to make my sisters play bank with me. We would play with old deposit slips.. You know the ones with the carbon...

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June Energy Forecast

Not gonna lie.

I LOVE 4 energy.

Sometimes I think I have 4 envy... it's not an energy I naturally run in my Code. But it does circle around every so often to serve us.

And June is 4 energy.

I know that many of you have been feeling and sensing changes, shifts, adjustments lately.

Old patterns clearing, new patterns emerging.

Paradigm and timeline shifts.

Karmic adjustments.

But sometimes... do you also feel a little ungrounded in it? Like - I feel this... but I don't SEE evidence of it?

Well... you are gonna LOVE June.

June is where you will start to see bits and pieces of the physical evidence appear.

Things you may have sensed or intuited... will start to see physical form.

Curious as to how this will play out?

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