"I am not an Economist anymore, you know that right?"

“I am not an economist anymore, you know that right?”

When I said that statement… I could feel the nerves, insecurity and trepidation bubbling up.
He was someone for whom I WANTED his acceptance… and I really wasn’t sure if I would get it.

Should I start at the beginning?
✨💕If you have ever wondered if it was safe or ok to share your magic... this story is for you💕✨

🙅‍♀️And it is the story of the LAST time I held back🙅‍♀️

I received an email from someone I didn’t know at my old university.

Where I studied business and economics.

I earned my business degree & was awarded the medal in business… to the person with the highest marks in the entire program.

I freaking LOVE business.

It is a deep passion of mine.

It actually started with a fiery love for money.

When I was 6 years old, when everyone else wanted to play house, I used to make my sisters play bank with me. We would play with old deposit slips.. You know the ones with the carbon copy paper between them?

I would always be the banker #oldestchild accepting their deposits.

Then when I was 12, I created multiple streams of income… babysitting, selling greeting cards door-to-door, and selling peaches from my parents orchard.

I decided at a very young age that money equaled freedom.

It gave people options and choices.

So I decided then and there I would do all I could to understand business, the economy and money. Because freedom was all I wanted.

As I opened this unexpected email… I received an invitation to return to my university. 20 years later. And share with the econ honours class how my university education impacted my career and my work.

🙋‍♀️Hello imposter syndrome!! Quickly reared the ugly, but predictable narrative.

I felt like a failed economist😞

Who was I to go back and share? I used to hold a prestigious job in government as an economist, as a forecaster. And I quit. Did they really want me to share that story?

Somehow… I made my way to the campus.

And before the event where I was to speak, I met up with my favourite professor and we walked the campus together.

“You know I am not an economist anymore right?” I said apologetically. Feeling like I may have let him down.

You see, I can trace my love of numbers back to this man.

So many patterns and relationships that I felt and understood were because of the time he spent with me, teaching, explaining so patiently.

“I am mostly working as a Numerologist now, with some business coaching here and there. But right now, I am focusing on my body of work around Numerology.”

He could tell I felt tentative, uncertain. I loved university. I loved studying. I wanted that respect for my work… and my work now was based in the felt sense, in the etheric, in intuition and energy and the unseen realm.

And what he said changed everything.

In his thick greek accent… “You could study that academically, you know. You could do PhD research with that. In fact there are papers in peer reviewed journals that might interest you.”

My mind was blown. He was not only accepting, but encouraging of this body of work???

He went on to validate my story for me, to reassure me that my story matters… and the fact that I have worked for small independent consultants, government, arms length government organizations and corporations gave a richness to my perspective that his current students would love to hear about.

And so I did.

I spoke to the room full of high performing, honour economics students… and a handful of professors… and I shared my journey as an Intuitive Economist and an Alchemical Numerologist.

I shared it proudly. Fully embracing the wild twists and turns that I am blessed to experience.

3.5 years ago I did this… and since then, EVERYTHING has changed.
🌈This created a new pattern🌈

One of pride and accomplishment.
One of gratitude to my teachers.
One of respect of those who came before me.
One of knowing… the future is forever changed from this moment.

⚡️Ok.. so let’s make this about you for a minute. You may not have this dramatic line in the sand moment.

🤔But can you create one?

✅Create a ceremony where you accept all of yourself, fully.

Where you let yourself be a dynamic, complex human full of all kinds of magic.

And knowing that your magic is what makes you unique.

And in honouring the expression of it… your magic will grow into abundance you can’t even begin to imagine in this moment.


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