🤔How many of these are true for you?

How many of these apply to you?
  1. You see number patterns frequently.
  2. You notice signs and synchronicities more often than seems like a "coincidence".
  3. You don't believe in coincidence 😉
  4. You sense things... whether it's an inner knowing, a gut feeling, or something you can't really put your finger on.
  5. You think of someone, and they text you or you see them shortly after.
  6. Your friends come to you for advice, guidance, or a listening ear.
  7. You are easily overcome with emotion... both the beautiful sweetness of life, but also the challenges and struggles of life.
  8. You know you have a path of destiny... but you also know you play a HUGE role in activating your destiny. And you want more clear directions on HOW to help it unfold.
  9. You often receive insights for others, and you aren't always sure what to do with them.
  10. You often question what feels surface-level, you have a craving for depth, and you want to understand the greater meaning.

If you resonate with even a handful of these, it...
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February Energy Forecast: Creativity Portal & Abundance Activation day

February is a powerful month. With a 1 energy, it is the Numerology New Year!

We have the opportunity to step into our mastery and greater abundance through doing, experimenting and trying things out!!

Mindset, belief and identity will evolve through action steps.

The more you try something, the more your confidence will grow!

Tune in to catch the details on the creativity portal and the abundance activation day!


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2024 Year Ahead forecast - Numerology based Predictions for the year!

2024 is the year of Infinite Abundance. A

nd it will require 1 thing from you: that you dissolve all your barriers to Abundance. And that you recognize all that ISN'T abundance in your life.

You will learn a more potent relationship with your power - especially in your inner power.

Your practices, your habits, your devotion will come up... what are you truly committed to?

And are you willing to walk towards what you know is true in your heart?

Are you willing to take a stand for the Abundance you know is true? Abundance means fullness... and what is available to us is a fullness of financial wellbeing, happiness, love, health and peace.

But it will also mean being willing to see the blocks and barriers we have set up, holding is back from Infinite Abundance.

As we leave 2023... we have a stronger relationship with our intuition.

A more potent and powerful relationship with trusting ourselves. And a fierceness, if we are willing to stand for what we know to be truth.

And in...

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When life becomes unbearable, this is where I turn.

I turned to Numerology when the unpredictability of my life got to be too much to bear.

I was struggling ‍ ... and the more I struggled, the more lost I felt.

I lost who I was. I lost my "why". I lost what my precious gifts were .

And  Numerology brought me back to myself ... reminded me of who I am. And helped me to reclaim my power.

AND... it is now helping me expand and thrive.

It helped me create powerful trust with my coaching clients... because they felt seen, heard, and understood.

I have a waitlist of people who want forecasts and numerology readings from me... because my ability to tap into the energy using numbers is so clear and concrete for them.

I have guided my business to surpass my corporate income year after year, even growing when many others have struggled... through consistent offers, repeat clients, and a highly loyal community. Because I understand the energy, and provide consistent value with my forecasting.

 ðŸ’•Are you curious to learn more about...

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