๐Ÿ”ฎJune energy forecast AND Tarot layout inside!

Key themes this month include:

Being a rebel WITH a cause, marching to the beat of your own drum, and making the changes your Soul is asking for.

Travel, explore, try different things... let yourself experiment! You have a gut feeling that things could be different... and you won't truly know until you try!

A self-worth and money portal (starting June 4) where you will have the opportunity to upgrade your value and your money relationship!

AND I have an exciting NEW RESOURCE to share with you on this!!! I will announce details tomorrow... but here's a hint... if you want to uplevel your relationship with MONEY, you may want to tune in!!

As you know, in the forecast I share ALLLL the details of the month ahead including important dates!

Watch the forecast here!

It will be up on my podcast shortly as well:  Spotify or Apple Podcast!

AND... grab a deck of oracle or tarot cards and try my Numerology Tarot layout for the month!!  Post your reading over in my community so...

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April Numerology Energy Forecast - Deepest self-expression and abundance of creativity

April is a fired-up energy month!! It's asking for your deepest self-expression... no more holding back on what you truly feel and know as your truth.

Your relationship with money will come up as well... particularly in highlighting where money has been a villain or a bully in your life.

I also go into the numerology of the solar eclipse on April 8, as well as a few other key dates for April.

If you would like to receive a personalized Numerology forecast based on your unique energy, check out my website: www.MeaghanAlton.com And click "book in with Meaghan" or send me a note!!


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March Numerology Energy Forecast

t's a 2 energy month!!

Highlighting connection, collaboration and your intuition! There will also be themes around releasing, karmic adjustment, and integrating an abundance experience that is more fulfilling and aligned. I share special days, such as the abundance portal, karmic adjustment day, and a day for re-writing the rules!

Let me know below... what landed for you?

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2024 Year Ahead forecast - Numerology based Predictions for the year!

2024 is the year of Infinite Abundance. A

nd it will require 1 thing from you: that you dissolve all your barriers to Abundance. And that you recognize all that ISN'T abundance in your life.

You will learn a more potent relationship with your power - especially in your inner power.

Your practices, your habits, your devotion will come up... what are you truly committed to?

And are you willing to walk towards what you know is true in your heart?

Are you willing to take a stand for the Abundance you know is true? Abundance means fullness... and what is available to us is a fullness of financial wellbeing, happiness, love, health and peace.

But it will also mean being willing to see the blocks and barriers we have set up, holding is back from Infinite Abundance.

As we leave 2023... we have a stronger relationship with our intuition.

A more potent and powerful relationship with trusting ourselves. And a fierceness, if we are willing to stand for what we know to be truth.

And in...

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December Energy Forecast with Numerology

What has this whole entire year been for???

If you are wondering... come to the Dec forecast. It will bring you SO much clarity!! I will share what the challenges AND opportunities will be this month. So you can work WITH the energy (rather than against it). More so than usual, Dec is going to be a "set up" month for 2024... because it's a 1 energy. 2024 is all about momentum and infinite abundance. Where the law of compound interest kicks in.

Which means... our energy in Dec matters.

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