๐Ÿ”ฎJune energy forecast AND Tarot layout inside!

Key themes this month include:

Being a rebel WITH a cause, marching to the beat of your own drum, and making the changes your Soul is asking for.

Travel, explore, try different things... let yourself experiment! You have a gut feeling that things could be different... and you won't truly know until you try!

A self-worth and money portal (starting June 4) where you will have the opportunity to upgrade your value and your money relationship!

AND I have an exciting NEW RESOURCE to share with you on this!!! I will announce details tomorrow... but here's a hint... if you want to uplevel your relationship with MONEY, you may want to tune in!!

As you know, in the forecast I share ALLLL the details of the month ahead including important dates!

Watch the forecast here!

It will be up on my podcast shortly as well:  Spotify or Apple Podcast!

AND... grab a deck of oracle or tarot cards and try my Numerology Tarot layout for the month!!  Post your reading over in my community so...

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