๐Ÿ”ฎJune energy forecast AND Tarot layout inside!

Key themes this month include:

Being a rebel WITH a cause, marching to the beat of your own drum, and making the changes your Soul is asking for.

Travel, explore, try different things... let yourself experiment! You have a gut feeling that things could be different... and you won't truly know until you try!

A self-worth and money portal (starting June 4) where you will have the opportunity to upgrade your value and your money relationship!

AND I have an exciting NEW RESOURCE to share with you on this!!! I will announce details tomorrow... but here's a hint... if you want to uplevel your relationship with MONEY, you may want to tune in!!

As you know, in the forecast I share ALLLL the details of the month ahead including important dates!

Watch the forecast here!

It will be up on my podcast shortly as well:  Spotify or Apple Podcast!

AND... grab a deck of oracle or tarot cards and try my Numerology Tarot layout for the month!!  Post your reading over in my community so...

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June Energy Forecast

Not gonna lie.

I LOVE 4 energy.

Sometimes I think I have 4 envy... it's not an energy I naturally run in my Code. But it does circle around every so often to serve us.

And June is 4 energy.

I know that many of you have been feeling and sensing changes, shifts, adjustments lately.

Old patterns clearing, new patterns emerging.

Paradigm and timeline shifts.

Karmic adjustments.

But sometimes... do you also feel a little ungrounded in it? Like - I feel this... but I don't SEE evidence of it?

Well... you are gonna LOVE June.

June is where you will start to see bits and pieces of the physical evidence appear.

Things you may have sensed or intuited... will start to see physical form.

Curious as to how this will play out?

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June Energy Forecast - Alignment with Your Natural State of Abundance Recorded live

Themes that are emerging this month:
Thought leadership - you have an opportunity to expand your body of work.
Karma - your role as the author of your destiny, and co-creative experience with the Universe.
Energy of presence - balancing love, leadership in relationships.
AND I will be sharing significant dates and what actions and work you can do to be IN FLOW with the natural currents of energy all around you!
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