When life becomes unbearable, this is where I turn.

I turned to Numerology when the unpredictability of my life got to be too much to bear.

I was struggling ‍ ... and the more I struggled, the more lost I felt.

I lost who I was. I lost my "why". I lost what my precious gifts were .

And  Numerology brought me back to myself ... reminded me of who I am. And helped me to reclaim my power.

AND... it is now helping me expand and thrive.

It helped me create powerful trust with my coaching clients... because they felt seen, heard, and understood.

I have a waitlist of people who want forecasts and numerology readings from me... because my ability to tap into the energy using numbers is so clear and concrete for them.

I have guided my business to surpass my corporate income year after year, even growing when many others have struggled... through consistent offers, repeat clients, and a highly loyal community. Because I understand the energy, and provide consistent value with my forecasting.

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It's a 6 energy day. In business strategy, DO THIS for results.

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June Energy Forecast - Alignment with Your Natural State of Abundance Recorded live

Themes that are emerging this month:
Thought leadership - you have an opportunity to expand your body of work.
Karma - your role as the author of your destiny, and co-creative experience with the Universe.
Energy of presence - balancing love, leadership in relationships.
AND I will be sharing significant dates and what actions and work you can do to be IN FLOW with the natural currents of energy all around you!
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