When life becomes unbearable, this is where I turn.

I turned to Numerology when the unpredictability of my life got to be too much to bear.

I was struggling ❀️‍🩹 ... and the more I struggled, the more lost I felt.

I lost who I was. I lost my "why". I lost what my precious gifts were 😞.

And  Numerology brought me back to myself πŸ¦„... reminded me of who I am. And helped me to reclaim my powerπŸ’«.

AND... it is now helping me expand and thrive✨.

πŸ‘‰It helped me create powerful trust with my coaching clients... because they felt seen, heard, and understood.

πŸ‘‰I have a waitlist of people who want forecasts and numerology readings from me... because my ability to tap into the energy using numbers is so clear and concrete for them.

πŸ‘‰I have guided my business to surpass my corporate income year after year, even growing when many others have struggled... through consistent offers, repeat clients, and a highly loyal community. Because I understand the energy, and provide consistent value with my forecasting.

 πŸ’•Are you curious to learn more about how to interpret and forecast the energy patterns swirling around you?

πŸ’•Are you intrigued about soul contracts and WHY certain patterns repeat, and why certain people come into your life?

πŸ’•Are you wanting to understand deeper about karma, fate and destiny... and the role free will plays in our lives as powerful co-creators?

πŸ’•And... maybe most importantly... are wanting to learn how to create Alchemy in your life... and the lives of your clients.... transforming difficulties and challenges into opportunity and wellbeing???


If you wanna chat if this makes sense for you... please send me a little note. ❀


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