🔥The thing that lit my Intuition on FIRE

Can I share a story with you?

I remember the day I discovered my Code. I remember time standing still... I could feel my heart beating in my chest and the words echoed in my head... and it was like the world around me froze, just for a moment.

"Your deep sensitivity is your greatest strength."

I replayed the phrase several times. I sat a little taller in my chair. My greatest strength?? All my life I tried to distance myself from my sensitivity. I had been told I was TOO sensitive, felt too deeply. And so, I turned down the volume, and disassociated from it.

But... when I heard this phrase... my soul resonated with the truth of the words. I could feel them so deeply. I instantly knew it was right.

My sensitivity was NOT an accident. It was a divine gift. I simply needed to learn how to work with it masterfully.

In that moment, I made a commitment to myself. I was going to honour my gifts and my strengths by developing them, and leaning into them... because I knew they were the key...

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✨Connect with the Consciousness of your Business

When you create a "line in the sand" moment, what you are actually doing is activating a new timeline.
And I want to share exactly how in a moment.

But first, on this fresh and shiny new month... let's do a little check-in, shall we?

Check-in with the Consciousness of Your Business

Take a minute, close your eyes, and take a few grounding breaths in.
You may want to hold a crystal in your hand, or apply some essential oil to center you.

Bring into your mind's eye, or into your awareness that your business has consciousness. It has it's own energetic makeup, and you are co-creating with it.

You may picture it as a colour, or a random form, or even an animal or a tree or an element of nature. You may simply sense it. It doesn't really matter how it appears to you.
Take a moment to acknowledge it with curiosity and wonder.

Then ask it these questions:

How are you doing, really?
What do you most want and need?
How can I better support you?

Pull out your journal... and let the answers flow....

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