🤔How many of these are true for you?

How many of these apply to you?
  1. You see number patterns frequently.
  2. You notice signs and synchronicities more often than seems like a "coincidence".
  3. You don't believe in coincidence 😉
  4. You sense things... whether it's an inner knowing, a gut feeling, or something you can't really put your finger on.
  5. You think of someone, and they text you or you see them shortly after.
  6. Your friends come to you for advice, guidance, or a listening ear.
  7. You are easily overcome with emotion... both the beautiful sweetness of life, but also the challenges and struggles of life.
  8. You know you have a path of destiny... but you also know you play a HUGE role in activating your destiny. And you want more clear directions on HOW to help it unfold.
  9. You often receive insights for others, and you aren't always sure what to do with them.
  10. You often question what feels surface-level, you have a craving for depth, and you want to understand the greater meaning.

If you resonate with even a handful of these, it means that you have the natural ability to tap into energy.
The Language of Numbers (Numerology!) may just be the magical tool you have been looking for that combines both spirituality and science!
I have worked with thousands of people who are sensitive to energy. And here are just a few of their outcomes from learning more about Numerology:
✅ Stronger intuition (including expanding their clair senses like clairvoyance and claircongnizance).
✅ Deeper connection with Spirit, the Universe and their guides who are always supporting them.

✅ Greater confidence in their Soul gifts, and the work they are here to do.

✅ Improved client outcomes when they share their energy tools with clients (whether directly or in a roundabout way 😉).
✅ Improved relationship with money and finances because they have truly made friends with numbers.
✅ Greater confidence ➡️ able to share their work more openly ➡️ increased clients ➡️ greater income
✅ Family, friendships, and relationships dramatically improved because of their ability to see, hear and fully understand those they love.

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