My colleague called me crazy. 😬 But I did it anyway.

I did something this week... that many people thought was a bad idea.

In fact, a colleague even called me crazy.

It was too much work.
It was going to take too much time.
People wouldn't appreciate the efforts I made.
I had no way of knowing if it would benefit me at all.

But I did it anyway.

Because we have to allow space for those intuitive nudges and divine downloads...even if others think we are NUTS.

BUT... here is the KEY.

We MUST follow them up with strategy.

This is NOT optional. If you DON'T follow with the strategy, you WILL:

Exhaust yourself.
Burn yourself out.
Over give.
Get resentful.

Which is a recipe for you to crash... and take even LONGER to recover than whatever gains you made in the first place (‍yes, lol, I am talking from experience here ).

So... I received the divine guidance. I took action. And I followed up with strategy.

And to be honest? I feel freaking incredible!!!!

I had FUN.
I provided incredible VALUE.
I served my community, and they were deeply grateful.

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