📖 Story time: How I became a Numerologist - A trip down memory lane!

Someone asked me the other day HOW I got into Numerology.

And it was SO fun going down these memories of my journey.

I wasn’t always intuitive.  In fact, I didn’t think I had any intuition at all.

But 10 years ago I started my business as a business coach… I worked with online businesses, brick and mortar companies… an eyeglass store, a construction company… it was SO much fun, and so rewarding.

Since I studied business in University, and have a Master's degree in Economics, becoming a business coach seemed a complete natural step!

And at the same time I was on a journey to understand energy and intuition.  And when I came across Numerology, my mind was blown.

I couldn’t get it out of my mind.

So I studied… and I started to do the charts of my biz clients on the DL… totally behind the scenes. 

And the results informed HOW I coached and advised them.

AND their results skyrocketed.  I was even surprised.

And they started to ask me… HOW did you know this would work for me?

And I would sheepishly admit… that I did their Numbers.

And more and more…. People wanted to learn HOW.

And that was the birth of how I began to teach numerology.

And now… I still coach people - primarily around business and intuition… and I still use numerology to help them access their highest timeline, greatest potential… and advise them on energy alignment to create abundance and ease.

And I help other coaches, healers and guides to do the same!!

So magical isn’t it?

I just LOVE how our journeys unfold. 

I would love to hear from you... what is a key milestone on your journey, when you reflect? Reply and let me know!!



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