Numerology is a powerful tool to increase your magnetism and radiance. Here's 3 ways.

I say "Energy is everything." All. The. Time.

So much so that it can become cliche, right?

Yes, energy is everything. But what about when I feel off? Then what? I still want (and need!!) to engage with life.

My life force energy is everything. It determines how vibrant and alive I feel. It determines how magnetic I feel.

Being magnetic and vibrant and radiant... yes it feels good. But it also literally CREATES good.

This is what draws you to people, resources and opportunities that allow you to expand, amplify and collaborate with wealth and wellbeing.

Life force energy is a limitless resource...we just need to learn to harness it. And we can use it to create expanded wealth and wellbeing.

Here are 3 ways Numerology can help you do this:

Unravel old stories of who you are NOT by honouring who you truly are.

Often we carry patterns that are not ours. They come from following "shoulds" and expectations of others. When we are finding our way in the world, we lean a lot on the...

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