Numbers contain Energy. They aren't arbitrary. They are precise.

When I was 27, I worked for the provincial government forecasting revenue for the budget.
I looked at all kinds of stats, data and numbers…and I found patterns and relationships. Based on the relationships I saw… I would predict the revenue for the province.

When I was 22, I worked for a firm doing economic development work with indigenous communities. Using numbers to help them reclaim sovereignty.

Numbers contain energy.
And numbers have always spoken to me. 
They aren’t arbitrary.
They are precise.

A formula gives you an answer… it’s not made up.
It’s not imaginary.
It’s not subjective.

Understanding Codes and Numbers is an ancient art and science… the practice I share is over 6,500 years old. It is a living, breathing field of work that has evolved over time, but it is rooted in an ancient understanding.

I love Numerology because it bridges the grounded, practical results of numbers… with understanding and...

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Learn the language of Numbers through the Practical Numerology Certification

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My controversial opinion - it needs to be said. It's time to see this fallacy for what it is.

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Do you see repeating patterns?? Or really notice specific numbers coming up for you?

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"You are a healer, you know that right?" Puzzled, I drew my hand away. A business woman, yes. But a healer?

23 years ago…"Can we study together? You are so good at math!" - The lady who sat beside me in Math 90, first year college. She was cool and breezy... I felt chaotic and disorganized, my bag stuffed overly full with books. But when she said that... I paused. And took it in. And opened myself to that possibility. I passed that class with 96%. And went on to pursue an honours degree in business, and a Master’s degree in economics from the University of Alberta.

11 years ago…"You are an amazing coach!" - Karen McMullen. My very first coach, and the woman who trained me in body centred coaching. My impulse was to deny, side-step, deflect the comment. But Karen's coaching style, her insights, her guidance opened up a whole new world for me. I deeply respect her perspective. So... I took it in. And I devoted myself to supporting others to access their potential.

10 years ago…“You are a healer… you know that right?” She gently held my hand in...

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As a Coach, this is the most important tool in my practice.

Are you a Coach or a professional space holder in some way? Teacher, consultant, healer or guide?

If so, you will want to keep reading.

Client attraction, conversion and retention is one of the biggest gaps between a thriving practice... and one that feels draining and exhausting.

My coach told me the other day that she's blown away by my conversion and retention stats.

She says I am an anomaly.

Well... I want to share my secrets with you.

In one word?


Numerology makes me BOTH a better coach AND a better business woman.

Here's how:

  1. I encourage my clients to leverage opportunities THEIR way. Aligned with THEIR nature. This makes it so much more natural for them to succeed... because they don't have to try to be something they aren't. They get to be successful in the most natural way for them.
  2. I coach clients to align strategies with their unique energy. This enhances their authenticity and prevents burnout. It allows them to feel energizedby their work.
  3. I help my...
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Numerology is a powerful tool to increase your magnetism and radiance. Here's 3 ways.

I say "Energy is everything." All. The. Time.

So much so that it can become cliche, right?

Yes, energy is everything. But what about when I feel off? Then what? I still want (and need!!) to engage with life.

My life force energy is everything. It determines how vibrant and alive I feel. It determines how magnetic I feel.

Being magnetic and vibrant and radiant... yes it feels good. But it also literally CREATES good.

This is what draws you to people, resources and opportunities that allow you to expand, amplify and collaborate with wealth and wellbeing.

Life force energy is a limitless resource...we just need to learn to harness it. And we can use it to create expanded wealth and wellbeing.

Here are 3 ways Numerology can help you do this:

Unravel old stories of who you are NOT by honouring who you truly are.

Often we carry patterns that are not ours. They come from following "shoulds" and expectations of others. When we are finding our way in the world, we lean a lot on the...

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