"You are a healer, you know that right?" Puzzled, I drew my hand away. A business woman, yes. But a healer?

23 years ago…"Can we study together? You are so good at math!" - The lady who sat beside me in Math 90, first year college. She was cool and breezy... I felt chaotic and disorganized, my bag stuffed overly full with books. But when she said that... I paused. And took it in. And opened myself to that possibility. I passed that class with 96%. And went on to pursue an honours degree in business, and a Master’s degree in economics from the University of Alberta.

11 years ago…"You are an amazing coach!" - Karen McMullen. My very first coach, and the woman who trained me in body centred coaching. My impulse was to deny, side-step, deflect the comment. But Karen's coaching style, her insights, her guidance opened up a whole new world for me. I deeply respect her perspective. So... I took it in. And I devoted myself to supporting others to access their potential.

10 years ago…“You are a healer… you know that right?” She gently held my hand in...

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