"You are a healer, you know that right?" Puzzled, I drew my hand away. A business woman, yes. But a healer?

23 years ago…"Can we study together? You are so good at math!" - The lady who sat beside me in Math 90, first year college. She was cool and breezy... I felt chaotic and disorganized, my bag stuffed overly full with books. But when she said that... I paused. And took it in. And opened myself to that possibility. I passed that class with 96%. And went on to pursue an honours degree in business, and a Master’s degree in economics from the University of Alberta.

11 years ago…"You are an amazing coach!" - Karen McMullen. My very first coach, and the woman who trained me in body centred coaching. My impulse was to deny, side-step, deflect the comment. But Karen's coaching style, her insights, her guidance opened up a whole new world for me. I deeply respect her perspective. So... I took it in. And I devoted myself to supporting others to access their potential.

10 years ago…“You are a healer… you know that right?” She gently held my hand in hers, and watched me as the weight of her words slowly settled in.

 An economist, yes. A business woman, yes. Someone who is good with numbers, yes. A problem solver, yes.

 But a healer? This was the first time I had ever considered those words… for myself.

She took another minute with my hand, and then said “Your healing line is actually stronger than mine. You are a healer of healers.”

 I drew my hand back.

 This was more than I could even allow myself to consider.

8 years ago...“You are a teacher… you know that right?” She reviewed my chart. I laughed. “Um, I know I am a great coach, but I am so not a teacher.”  She looked at me, allowing the weight of the words to float in the air between us.

 A speaker, yes. A workshop leader, yes. A coach, yes. A writer, yes.

 But a teacher?

 “You will see.” She replied, as she went back to the pages in front of her.

Those moments are, when I look back, pivotal milestones for me.

It's when someone else saw something in me, that I didn't yet see in myself. But... when I heard the words... I could feel the ring of truth. Something resonated in me… and I couldn’t let it go. 

This is often how our intuition will speak to us. It is subtle… so much so that you may miss it… if you aren’t paying attention.

And this is one of the reasons I love Numerology.

Numerology provides an anchor to nebulous information and energy… that can be like a cloud of metal filing dust.  We need an anchor point, like a magnet, to give it structure and form for interpretation.

When I am feeling subtly nudged, gently guided, by synchronicity or messages in my life… I can go to my chart and see what my Code would say about these insights.

Turns out…

✨My Numerology Code shows I am deeply sensitive… and it is through this sensitivity that I can support healers, space-holders and intuitive leaders.

✨My Code shows that I am a teacher, and I am meant to help others by navigating in the unknown, experimenting and trying new things… and sharing what I have learned while I walk with you. 

✨My Code shows I am very practical and tangible, and I want things to be grounded and real. Easy to apply in real life… so this is how I share my work.

 ✨My Code shows I am determined, maybe even stubborn, and I can use this to support my goals. 

I wonder... what does your Code show about you??

I want to make it easier for you to draw lines between your dots.

This is what we can do through knowing our Code… it makes these seemingly random occurrences make sense. 

Let’s do this for you… and know as you learn this tool… you can do this for those in your world – clients, family members and colleagues. Because when we are able to be in alignment with our gifts, sharing our light brightly, everyone is better off.


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