Numbers contain Energy. They aren't arbitrary. They are precise.

When I was 27, I worked for the provincial government forecasting revenue for the budget.
I looked at all kinds of stats, data and numbers…and I found patterns and relationships. Based on the relationships I saw… I would predict the revenue for the province.

When I was 22, I worked for a firm doing economic development work with indigenous communities. Using numbers to help them reclaim sovereignty.

Numbers contain energy.
And numbers have always spoken to me. 
They aren’t arbitrary.
They are precise.

A formula gives you an answer… it’s not made up.
It’s not imaginary.
It’s not subjective.

Understanding Codes and Numbers is an ancient art and science… the practice I share is over 6,500 years old. It is a living, breathing field of work that has evolved over time, but it is rooted in an ancient understanding.

I love Numerology because it bridges the grounded, practical results of numbers… with understanding and...

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