🎋"I choose to play in the Abundance economy"

"I choose to play in the Economics of Abundance."

Pull up with your cup of tea or hippie coffee... because this is a university level convo about the Abundance Economy.

I just received the most lovely feedback from someone who signed up for my marketing workshop (thank you beautiful soul 😘).

I share my work freely and generously (this person was thanking me for that).
I believe in generosity and abundance, and so this always feels good for me to do so.
There is no catch. I genuinely WANT to share it with anyone who feels called to learn and explore more.

Information is freely available to use now. You can google anything. Ask chatgpt to teach you things, summarize research for you, help you access the latest details on anything you could possibly want to know.

And I think this is the most wonderful thing ever. It awakens ancient memories of a time where open exchange with an open heart was the norm. No one in society lacked for anything.

So I share freely, because I believe the way to create something, is to engage with that energy. I am FULLY a FAN of free information!! The more we have, the more we share, the more we have... this is truly the definition of an abundant resource. And I choose to play in the economics of abundance.

I know there are 3 core ways to invest:


When we want something to APPRECIATE (increase in value)... we can invest with any of those 3, or even better... a combination of those 3.

So when my clients are ready, they know my style. They know my energy. They understand my values, my belief systems... ALL OF WHICH help them make a more informed buying choice.

WHICH in turn, enhances their success in my trainings. HELLO... this is a WIN for us both!! I want to see you succeed!! For the joy it gives me, of course.

But also because that means that you will share your experience, refer your friends, and become a loyal client who will continue to invest... generating us BOTH a positive ROI.

AGAIN... WIN for us both.

I am very clear that I do NOT make my money off information. I believe it is part of my job, my purpose AND my dharma to share the understandings I have as freely as possible.

I make money from transformation and energy transmutation.

And we all know that information DOES NOT EQUAL change. You can know allllll the things. But nothing changes.

WHAT does create change then?

Over the years of doing and sharing my work... I know very clearly WHAT creates change... and I can see very clearly WHEN someone is ready for change. Want the formula?

➡️Awareness. This isn't JUST information, this is more the INTEGRATION of that information... and knowing HOW it applies in your life.

➡️Investment & commitment. This is the decision point, the line is the sand. When you decide that you are all in. Change requires a commitment. It rarely happens by accident, particularly when patterns run deep.

➡️Energy. Something needs to shift in the identity or the being. We need to see ourselves in a new light, in our new identity. "I am the kind of person who....". Think Joe Dispenza's work. And it needs to light up our heart center, our emotional center... there needs to be an emotional and energetic buy-in.

➡️Practice. Habit. Ritual. We need to DO things differently. The daily thing you do that literally transforms your patterns from the inside out. New neuropathways are carved over time into the dominant response. And if we do our practice long enough, consistently enough, it no longer becomes a thing we do, it is now a thing we ARE.

💕And these things... are tricky to transmit in free education (tricky, but not impossible). 💕
They are MOST effective in a beautiful, sacred, loving, safe container that is held by a trusted teacher, practitioner, mentor.

And so knowing ALLL Of this... I get to feel fully aligned with my desire to generously give and share. AND fully aligned with my desire to live a rich and prosperous life with my three kidlets. These two desires are mutually supportive... and so honouring of me, my family, my community, and all my dear clients.


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