🤯What even IS Numerology? let's break this down.

Let's get back to basics shall we?

What even IS Numerology? 

It is the Language of Numbers to interpret energy. There are number patterns all around us... and Numerology simply helps us to interpret them! It is a powerful tool that can help you articulate and language something you may sense on some level... because we can all sense energy... but this gives you a way to be clear and specific!

How do we use Numerology?

There are 3 key ways we can use it...

  1. Understanding the energy and personality of people - ourselves, clients and loved ones. We can look at your birth chart, the blueprint of your Soul. And we can see where you may experience challenges, where you may sabotage or have blindspots. And we can also see where your gifts lay, what opportunities are available for you, how you are meant to make an impact and contribute. We can see what motivates you, how you learn, and how your energy flows.  When you look at multiple charts together, you can also start to...
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July Numerology Energy Forecast

July in for relationships and honouring your SOUL GIFTS! 

It's a month of integration, recalibration... and setting your sacred container (hello boundaries!!)

Key themes this month include:

NO MORE biting your tongue to make others feel ok. It's time to speak your truth, and learn to trust yourself to say what needs to be said. Practicing forgiveness and grace if you don't get it perfectly.   

Family, friends and loved ones are a priority! Are you investing the time and energy into those most important to you? Let yourself LOVE up on those who love you... I always say it's wonderful to be loved by a 6!

Expansion of your Soul Gifts. Its a funny thing. When you stop playing small to please others, or biting your tongue to not rock the boat... you will experience a RUSH of increased life force energy. Direct it to your Soul Gifts!! You will experience upgrades in your gifts! 

As you know, in the forecast I share ALLLL the details of the month ahead...

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💕Antidote to Overwhelm

Is literally EVERYONE feeling overwhelmed right now?

Honestly I get it. Everything is a lot right now.

Feeling overwhelmed is a natural response.

And when we feel this way... we think we need to do less.

And maybe that's true. But... hear me out for a minute.

What if we actually need to do MORE of what's meaningful to us

YES, cut out some of the stuff that is draining life force energy.

AND replace it with stuff that lights you up, fuels your Soul and sets your Heart on FIRE!!!

Passion, excitement, delight, playfulness... THESE are the tools that heal overwhelm.

Connection with those who inspire you. Things that help you view the world in new and interesting ways. Reminding yourself of the divinity all around you.

This is the antidote to overwhelm.

Your Energy is Medicine

For you, for your loved ones, for clients, for the world.

Prioritizing your energy and your Sacred Gifts can change everything.

Numerology has been the pathway for me and so many others... to rediscover meaning in...

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⚡️It's YOUR turn to see the energy in pathways... creating openings for you.

Energy looks like pathways to me. Like a network of wires or cables moving some things forward, and holding some things back.  

When I look at someone’s numerology chart, I can very clearly see energy running through pathways… like roadways on a landscape.

AND… I see energy in this way too… (you can too for yourself AND your clients.)

You can see where there are traffic jams and stagnant energy.

You can see where there are opportunities for abundant energy exchange, increasing sales.

You can see where there is an ask for sharing education, insights and teachings.

You can see where there is wellbeing expanded through rest.

You can see where Soulmate clients are craving deeper connection and engagement.

You can see opportunities to expand impact and income.

When you share this with your clients… you can open up a world of possibility for them.

A way of working WITH the energies in their life… rather than fighting against it.


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May Energy Forecast - The Healing Power of Connection

Are you a deep feeler?

Do you sense energy and information that is unseen?

Your skills will feel like they are on steroids this month! You will feel very connected to those around you, and highly sensitive to energy, information and emotions. Everyone will. This is an incredibly important energy as we are going through big changes.

It is a time where co-regulation and interdependence is critical. It is the time to find people who will be with you, in your process, and support you to step into your power even more this month. We will strongly benefit from connection and collaboration. And our challenge will be in staying with ourselves, and trusting ourselves, even when the world around us may doubt us.

The solution is not isolation and hyper independence... the solution is trusting yourself to take the actions needed to find people who you can grow and expand with... as you are all on your path of evolution. Finding bridges, creating solutions, seeing opportunities will all be...

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April Energy Forecast - The Rise of the Intuitive Leader

We are entering a new era.

It used to be that external signalling (often with an energy of proving) was important.

  • Did you go to the right school?
  • Are you connected to the right influencers?
  • Are you showing up in the right places, in the right ways?
  • Are you hitting the external targets and milestones that prove your value and expertise?

And while I am certainly not going to deny that education, collaboration, skills and experience aren't important (of course they are!!)... there is a new priority.

Leadership sourced from intuition, energetic connection, and collaboration.

We are in the era of the Rise of the Intuitive Leader... and it starts April 1.

Creating a new way forward is going to require different skills than those we needed in the past.

Your FELT sense and you INTUITIVE sense are more important than ever.

And... I need you to know. These are LEARNABLE skills. 

There is no such thing as a "one-size-fits-all" approach. We all have very different energy, and we are all...

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March Energy Forecast - Find & Prioritize your Inner Compass

Finding and reclaiming your truth.

It's not really lost though, is it?

It's deep within you. It doesn't disappear. But it does get buried under layers of expectation, judgement, and conditions.

So you slowly lose touch with it.. imperceptibly.

This is where you will feel ungrounded, disoriented, confused. Not certain of how to move forward, or even what is true.

So much about 2022 is about reclaiming YOU, your TRUTH, your CODE. So you can be aligned with your centre, and activating your power.

This means that pedestals must fall.

That places you have leaked your power must be reclaimed.

That you must find your inner compass, and prioritize it. Even when - especially when - others are disappointed by you.

Your power is inalienable. Let's help you find the compass to reclaim it, shall we?

This is March energy. Come to my live training in Facebook tomorrow at 11:30 PST.

I will share how the energy will unfold, and how you can leverage it to support you and your goals.


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April Energy Forecast

April is a beautiful month to amplify new beginnings through release of the old, and detoxing patterns, habits and experiences from your life.  

We have two powerful manifestation cycles to leverage!  The first is for release and surrender and completion.  The second is going to invite us to welcome in new opportunities and experiences that are more aligned with our higher good.  

Watch the video for important dates and specific action items!!

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March Energy Forecast

March is the month of DEVOTION. You will be challenged to face all the places you have played small - where you have been ok with "fine".
Are you really fine?
Or are you craving a bigness, a richness, a depth... something you can truly FEEL?
Are you following your soul's calling or living a conditioned life?
Watch the video to find out how you can be supported to lean into Mastery just a little bit more. And create powerful alignment!

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July Energy Forecast

energy forecast month Jul 06, 2020

How July is like a big game of Marco-Polo.

Remember playing that game as a kid in the neighbourhood swimming pool?  Well... this month, we are playing a giant version of Marco Polo.  Watch the video to find out WHY and HOW to leverage this energy.

July wants you to know a few key things...

Give yourself permission to want what you want.

Because what you want, wants you.

What matters to you is important.

Prioritize your pleasure, your joy and your fun.

It matters... it is an aspect of your contribution.  This is how all our values, energy, contribution swirl together and create a collective energy... impacting the evolution of humanity.  

Let yourself be cracked open to access YOUR truth. Not the "truth" of the conditioning and expectations of those around you.

Trust yourself to be guided.

What are you converging with?  Play the game, and allow the convergence to support you as you lean into YOUR truth. 

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