December Energy Forecast- See the Illusion Crumble

The Illusions are crumbling. There will be some dusty and debris. But you will be able to see things more clearly than ever before. Tune in to see what will be unfolding and how you can work with the energy to support your goals and what you desire to experience!! Bring Qs and your journal!!

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May Energy Forecast - The Healing Power of Connection

Are you a deep feeler?

Do you sense energy and information that is unseen?

Your skills will feel like they are on steroids this month! You will feel very connected to those around you, and highly sensitive to energy, information and emotions. Everyone will. This is an incredibly important energy as we are going through big changes.

It is a time where co-regulation and interdependence is critical. It is the time to find people who will be with you, in your process, and support you to step into your power even more this month. We will strongly benefit from connection and collaboration. And our challenge will be in staying with ourselves, and trusting ourselves, even when the world around us may doubt us.

The solution is not isolation and hyper independence... the solution is trusting yourself to take the actions needed to find people who you can grow and expand with... as you are all on your path of evolution. Finding bridges, creating solutions, seeing opportunities will all be...

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 My ✨ Word of the Year✨ and the exact process I used to find it. 2022 will unfold differently, and that's kinda the point.

How are you feeling about the start of the year?

I notice an interesting energy, where people feel pressured to "get it right."

  Set goals and intentions by Jan 1;

  Have a clear focus, after spending an hour reflecting; and

  Feel momentum kick in... like now.

Um... can we just take a deep breath together please? This is NOT real.

You don't need to rush yourself love. You have all the time and space you need... energy alignment FIRST will create ease and flow in the decision making and action taking stage of the game!!

Aligning energy takes time, presence and mindfulness.

Rushing does not do you any favours... if anything, it will cause you to be held back.

This year, we are surrounded by so much love and support (hello nurturing 6 energy!!). We also have the entire month of January to explore with curiosity and experiment.

Then in February, an 8 energy month, we will kick into the infinite flow of momentum.

So babe, take your time now. Go slow, be...

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