🤔What is Oracular Magic?

✨🔮The Year of Oracular Magic🔮✨

I have been saying all year… NOW is the time to activate your Oracular Magic.

But I realize that may have some of you a little lost… what is Oracular Magic?  🤔

It is the ability to see energy, see patterns, see beyond the 3 dimensional world we live in. You may see possibility and potential (one of my most power gifts). You may see timelines and paradigms. You may see past lives. You may see how to shift out of challenge.  Everyone’s Oracular gifts will express in different ways… and there is no one RIGHT way to do it!!

So… the next question is… Well… HOW do I do that???

Here’s how:

You pick a modality. And you study it. 

It doesn’t really matter which one. What matter is you feel the calling of your Soul.  

✨Then you follow your intrigue✨

And if that is Numerology… let’s walk this path together.

Because developing your Oracular Magic requires devotion and practice.  It is a skill, a muscle that you develop over time.

AND the energetic patterns right now are RIPE for you to deepen your Spiritual Gifts.  


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