✨Reminder: You were made for times like these.

In this potent 7 energy…I am feeling the intensity spark.

And I just want to remind you... that we were MADE for times like these.

We, at the Soul level, have chosen this experience.

We are perfectly equipped to handle it.

Of course, we aren't perfect.

Of course, we will mess it up, get it wrong, flounder and sputter.

We don't see or realize the timeline adjustments that are unfolding in our floundering.

We don't realize the wrinkles we are ironing out in our 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th try.

So if you are in the midst of floundering right now... does it help to remember:

there is a strength growing within you.

That this is activating an initiation.

That the magic of 7 is the illusions... that stuff is happening underground, deep within... even if you can't see the physical evidence YET.

I am curious... Are you feeling what's brewing deep within right now? 

Numerology is the most powerful tool to help you understand, Alchemize and activatate these shifts that are bubbling...

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Alchemize your challenge ➡️ into an opportunity

Someone asked me the other day...Why Numerology?

And it sent me for a rip down memory lane...

‍Because when I was told I was too much… too sensitive, too talkative, too bossy… it helped me find my superpower as a sensitive, intuitive teacher who could very clearly see pathways to potential and possibility.

Because we are surrounded by energy all the time. And it is all around us to support us, help us and guide us to fulfill our goals, desires and dreams.  We simply need to interpre it, and understand it. And work with it.

Because life isn’t meant to be punitive. Our challenges aren’t here to hurt us.  In fact, they are an initiation.

Our challenges initiate us into greater levels of our potential and our gifts.

They are HOW we develop potency and mastery over our gifts.

Because when we face hard things… we aren’t meant to freeze, pull back, shrink or stop.

We are meant to find our centre, and activate Alchemy

Challenges are...

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9 Numerology readings in 3 hours: lessons inside

I attended a beautiful event hosted by Dare to Dream at the AIM Center in Kelowna… it was incredible. And the other speakers and practitioners are some of the most brilliant minds and hearts... it was an honour to collaborate with them.

I got to share a 45 min talk… where I talked about HOW we can use Numerology to create Alchemy in our lives, transmuting challenges into opportunity (if you are curious to know HOW, send me a note!!).

And I shared 9 Numerology readings in 3 hours… connecting at the Soul level with 9 beautiful hearts.  

It was so beautiful and so profound.

The gift of sharing intuitive readings is people share their truest hearts with you, and reveal to you what they most fear, what they are grieving, what they dream of, and what they most desire in life. And holding space for those kinds of conversations is LIFE for me.

Here are the 9 things I learned from being a speaker and practitioner at the event:

  1. Having a very clear niche, being...
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