9 Numerology readings in 3 hours: lessons inside

I attended a beautiful event hosted by Dare to Dream at the AIM Center in Kelowna… it was incredible. And the other speakers and practitioners are some of the most brilliant minds and hearts... it was an honour to collaborate with them.

I got to share a 45 min talk… where I talked about HOW we can use Numerology to create Alchemy in our lives, transmuting challenges into opportunity (if you are curious to know HOW, send me a note!!).

💙🙏💙 And I shared 9 Numerology readings in 3 hours… connecting at the Soul level with 9 beautiful hearts.  

It was so beautiful and so profound.

The gift of sharing intuitive readings is people share their truest hearts with you, and reveal to you what they most fear, what they are grieving, what they dream of, and what they most desire in life. And holding space for those kinds of conversations is LIFE for me.

Here are the 9 things I learned from being a speaker and practitioner at the event:

  1. Having a very clear niche, being willing to own and claim it, gets you shouted out by others!!
    1. Whenever someone else mentioned numbers in their speech, they would refer to me as the numerologist!! It put me in the minds of the attendees multiple times throughout the weekend.
  2. Edifying other speakers creates mutual trust, respect and a collaborative vibe.
    1. Mention what you enjoyed about the people who spoke before you (or if you know, those after you). It will allow a more cohesive storyline for the participants… and it will also expand the collaboration among facilitators.
  3. Stay for the whole event. 
    1. If you can… obviously life happens, and you also need to care for your energy. But if you can stay for the whole event, there is powerful magic that happens in the spaces in between. That’s where people feel connection grow, and will be more likely to connect after the event.
  4. Be generous with your time and energy.
    1. This will get you invited to more events in the future, and make you a pleasure to collaborate with!
  5. Do a giveaway.
    1. Having a prize that people can enter to win gives you the ability to collect email addresses.
    2. Send a thank you note after, that includes what you loved about the event, the ASK to follow you on social media, and guidance on you believe would support them NEXT on their journey. For example, a session with you, a digital download you offer, an upcoming workshop, etc.
  6. Drink lots of water, and take time to ground during breaks.
    1. As someone who is sensitive to energy, you are going to be feeling a lot.  Hydrating with electrolytes will help you move energy through your body, and grounding between session will help you focus and stay present.
  7. Block time off after the event to process.
    1. You will need to process the energetics, of course. But you will also want to follow up with those who made an impact on you, thank anyone who sent you messages, etc.  And give yourself a little space to recover.
  8. People like to have an experience. Give them a tool, including something they can take home if possible (like a cheat sheet or a guide), that they can USE in their lives.  
    1. I shared a Ruling Number guide - just a simple 1 pager… and I had so many people come and tell me about their kids and loved ones. Because they already started to implement the tool in their lives!
  9. Take time to open your heart before the event.
    1. People can feel your energy. Your energy is medicine for them. So let them feel you. It is a gift to experience you and your energy.

Let me know... which one of those lessons feels important to you? 

Sending you so much love,

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