Alchemize your challenge ➡️ into an opportunity

Someone asked me the other day...Why Numerology?

And it sent me for a rip down memory lane...

‍Because when I was told I was too much… too sensitive, too talkative, too bossy… it helped me find my superpower as a sensitive, intuitive teacher who could very clearly see pathways to potential and possibility.

Because we are surrounded by energy all the time. And it is all around us to support us, help us and guide us to fulfill our goals, desires and dreams.  We simply need to interpre it, and understand it. And work with it.

Because life isn’t meant to be punitive. Our challenges aren’t here to hurt us.  In fact, they are an initiation.

Our challenges initiate us into greater levels of our potential and our gifts.

They are HOW we develop potency and mastery over our gifts.

Because when we face hard things… we aren’t meant to freeze, pull back, shrink or stop.

We are meant to find our centre, and activate Alchemy

Challenges are...

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