💕Try THIS to connect with Soulmate Clients.

Your Soulmate clients want to connect with you as much as you want to connect with them.

Actually... they probably want to find you even MORE!!

Because... you have something they want. You carry a Code they are seeking. 

If this is true... then why can it feel hard to find clients?

Because you overcomplicate, overthink, get stuck in your head... then freeze up.

Want the simple, but highly effective solution to this?

Spend more time FEELING their energy. And allowing them to feel your energy.

Spend more time LISTENING to them.  And allow them to listen to you.

Spend more time SEEING them.  And allow them to see you.

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I was challenged to make it even simpler.

I said it’s not that complicated…and I was challenged to make it even easier. 

So here it is. Uncomplicated. 3 steps, combined with 1 tool.  

If you are an intuitive leader who wants to feel financially supported in your work… here's the steps. 


First, a tool to help you connect even deeper with your intuition. This is where Numerology comes in. Understanding strengths, gifts, challenges and blind spots to help your clients embody their truth as they move towards their goals and desires. Seeing a pathway forward for them through forecasting. 


Second, an intimate understanding of your Soulmate Clients... who are CODED to you. Understanding their deepest fears and greatest desires…and connecting with the energy they carry… so you can feel them. And speak to them in your work. These clients are the most fulfilling clients to work with… because you can see the impact of your work. 



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