I was challenged to make it even simpler.

I said it’s not that complicated…and I was challenged to make it even easier. 

So here it is. Uncomplicated. 3 steps, combined with 1 tool.  

If you are an intuitive leader who wants to feel financially supported in your work… here's the steps. 


💪First, a tool to help you connect even deeper with your intuition. This is where Numerology comes in. Understanding strengths, gifts, challenges and blind spots to help your clients embody their truth as they move towards their goals and desires. Seeing a pathway forward for them through forecasting. 


🚀Second, an intimate understanding of your Soulmate Clients... who are CODED to you. Understanding their deepest fears and greatest desires…and connecting with the energy they carry… so you can feel them. And speak to them in your work. These clients are the most fulfilling clients to work with… because you can see the impact of your work. 


➡️Step 1 – client attraction – leveraged, easeful and potent. 

This is where I LOVE to use forecasting energy. Understanding what energy is unfolding, how it will support or challenge your ideal clients becomes POWERFUL and VALUABLE content. It also supports collaboration when you come into the communities of others and share this with them. Through these forecasts, you begin the process of helping your clients access alignment energy… to align them with their highest good, towards their goals and desires. 


➡️Step 2 – easily accessible product for deep connection. 

Doing a numerology reading will open your client’s heart. They feel seen, heart, understood. They begin to see the gift they are… and stop being so hard on themselves for their challenges. They begin to trust you… but MORE importantly… they begin to believe in themselves. They see that the thing they want IS possible. That there is NOTHING wrong with them. That they are, in fact, divinely designed. 

Accessible product is something in the $70-$150 range. A no-brainer investment for your client. But will build connection, relationship. And provide MASSIVE value. 


➡️Step 3 – Client pathway to growth - Sustainably priced product. 

This is an ongoing relationship, and ongoing container with your client. It may be a coaching or healing package that lasts 3-6 months. It may be a mastermind or group training including support. But whatever it is, it is priced in such a way that it provides powerful guidance and support for your client WHILE providing you will a sustainable business model. SO you can continue to share your magic with the world, supported and thriving. 


I am here for healers and intuitive leaders to create powerful, sustainable businesses where they feel securely supported to do meaningful work.

❤️You guys... I want you to be financially supported. Wealthy. Prosperous in your work. I am here for it. And I will walk with you.❤️

  ✅Your gifts are needed.

✅Your magic will change lives.

✅You deserve to be well supported as you share your contribution. 

Because when people who are here to make an impact are financially supported to do so... EVERYTHING changes. ❤️

 If you have Qs, reply to me here or book in for a chat!!



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