I was challenged to make it even simpler.

I said it’s not that complicated…and I was challenged to make it even easier. 

So here it is. Uncomplicated. 3 steps, combined with 1 tool.  

If you are an intuitive leader who wants to feel financially supported in your work… here's the steps. 


First, a tool to help you connect even deeper with your intuition. This is where Numerology comes in. Understanding strengths, gifts, challenges and blind spots to help your clients embody their truth as they move towards their goals and desires. Seeing a pathway forward for them through forecasting. 


Second, an intimate understanding of your Soulmate Clients... who are CODED to you. Understanding their deepest fears and greatest desires…and connecting with the energy they carry… so you can feel them. And speak to them in your work. These clients are the most fulfilling clients to work with… because you can see the impact of your work. 



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6 ways to Create Wealth as a Professional Space-holder and Intuitive Leader.

I haven't been super clear about this... which is totally my fault. But you need to know.

Brought in 100k in revenue in the last two years through Numerology.
Quadrupled their revenue in 1 year, through understanding the numbers in their work.
Brought in the equivalent of ¼ of their annual corporate salary in 1 month in their business, by bringing Numerology into their practice.
A waitlist of 4-6 weeks, with clients waiting for Numerology readings.
Sold out Masterclasses.
Conversions from single sessions to VIP clients in the range of 50% because of Numerology readings.
Tripled the price of their hybrid group/private program, and had sign ups rolling in.
Started doing readings right away, charging within a month, and fully earned back the investment of the training before we even finished!

These stats came up in conversations I have had with my Numerology Alumni.

And I want you to know this... because I am here for healers and intuitive leaders to create powerful, sustainable...

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