6 ways to Create Wealth as a Professional Space-holder and Intuitive Leader.

I haven't been super clear about this... which is totally my fault. But you need to know.

🔥 Brought in 100k in revenue in the last two years through Numerology.
✨ Quadrupled their revenue in 1 year, through understanding the numbers in their work.
💪 Brought in the equivalent of ¼ of their annual corporate salary in 1 month in their business, by bringing Numerology into their practice.
🚀 A waitlist of 4-6 weeks, with clients waiting for Numerology readings.
💥 Sold out Masterclasses.
⚡️ Conversions from single sessions to VIP clients in the range of 50% because of Numerology readings.
🔥 Tripled the price of their hybrid group/private program, and had sign ups rolling in.
🚀 Started doing readings right away, charging within a month, and fully earned back the investment of the training before we even finished!

These stats came up in conversations I have had with my Numerology Alumni.

And I want you to know this... because I am here for healers and intuitive leaders to create powerful, sustainable businesses where they feel securely supported to do meaningful work.

You guys... I want you to be financially supported. Wealthy. Prosperous in your work. I am here for it. And I will walk with you.


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