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It was Lion's Gate August 8th.  Well strictly speaking, it's a period of time.. and it includes this month.

But... let's tap into the numbers a little...and create a fun ritual shall we?

It's a 5 energy day, with double 8s. In a 6 energy month. In a 7 energy year. See my description on IG which includes pretty graphics!

For the ritual... take time to tap into the Golden Abundance Codes available today.  How?

  • Lay in the sun, taking in the rays.
  • Carry or wear citrine.
  • Eat or drink foods rich in golden hues (I made delicious turmeric elixer today... reply if you want my recipe!)

Then get clear on what your desires are that centre around abundance, freedom, spiritual gifts and connection.

Dream about them.  Then to the ritual in the last graphic of the IG post!

Reply and let me know... what are you manifesting?? I want to hold space for you!!

Don't forget to tell me if you try my ritual!!


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