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It was Lion's Gate August 8th.  Well strictly speaking, it's a period of time.. and it includes this month.

But... let's tap into the numbers a little...and create a fun ritual shall we?

It's a 5 energy day, with double 8s. In a 6 energy month. In a 7 energy year. See my description on IG which includes pretty graphics!

For the ritual... take time to tap into the Golden Abundance Codes available today.  How?

  • Lay in the sun, taking in the rays.
  • Carry or wear citrine.
  • Eat or drink foods rich in golden hues (I made delicious turmeric elixer today... reply if you want my recipe!)

Then get clear on what your desires are that centre around abundance, freedom, spiritual gifts and connection.

Dream about them.  Then to the ritual in the last graphic of the IG post!

Reply and let me know... what are you manifesting?? I want to hold space for you!!

Don't forget to tell me if you try my ritual!!

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Dear 💖 Future Self 💖... there's something important I want you to know.

There's something you should know about me.

 I love to make my birthday a big deal. I want an extended birthday celebration. I like to celebrate myself... unapologetically. 


  My birthday is a ritual    

It is how I acknowledge my one Wildly Sacred Life. It is an honouring of how I choose to live my life... and how I want to move forward.

 I started a ritual, which has become incredibly meaningful to me. Inspired by one of my besties Jackie McDonald... and it has become one of my most favourite practices!

 First... I sit and honour the journey I have been on. I celebrate myself. 

For my accomplishments, the tough choices I made, the risks I took, the investments I made, the values I expanded, and the delight I choose. 

Where I choose myself, and the life that really matters to me.

 Second... I take time to acknowledge what I am ready to leave in the past. Usually these are habits or belief systems that,...

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Pleasure is Sacred

momentum ritual sacred Dec 12, 2019

I found myself last on my list.

I was exhausted... and no matter how long I slept, it was never enough.

I had a strong-willed toddler. A highly sensitive 7 year old. And a newborn baby.

I was so overwhelmed, at times I felt like I was underwater.

My needs fell to last... and I became so good at ignoring them, I actually forgot what my needs were.

Until one morning. I said to myself. This is it. This is my life. The moments of life happen in the little daily snapshots. These tiny moments are what will either create my life. Or not.

And so.

I began to ritualize my pleasure.

It started with self-care breakfast. I made myself my favourite warm breakfast. And savoured it mindfully.

I left myself notes... words of love and encouragement.

I began to say yes to fun things, even if it was a massive inconvenience to get out of the house, to arrange the kids needs, to get the things done. But I did it anyways, even, especially, when it was hard.

And a momentum was created.

It got less hard....

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