Pleasure is Sacred

momentum ritual sacred Dec 12, 2019

I found myself last on my list.

I was exhausted... and no matter how long I slept, it was never enough.

I had a strong-willed toddler. A highly sensitive 7 year old. And a newborn baby.

I was so overwhelmed, at times I felt like I was underwater.

My needs fell to last... and I became so good at ignoring them, I actually forgot what my needs were.

Until one morning. I said to myself. This is it. This is my life. The moments of life happen in the little daily snapshots. These tiny moments are what will either create my life. Or not.

And so.

I began to ritualize my pleasure.

It started with self-care breakfast. I made myself my favourite warm breakfast. And savoured it mindfully.

I left myself notes... words of love and encouragement.

I began to say yes to fun things, even if it was a massive inconvenience to get out of the house, to arrange the kids needs, to get the things done. But I did it anyways, even, especially, when it was hard.

And a momentum was created.

It got less hard. And it became more fun. And I got less tired. And pleasure was more pleasurable. And adventures flowed to me. And I found delight in the most simple, sensual moments.

Toes in the sand.
Smelling flowers on my walk.
Delicious lattes with my favourite almond milk.

Dancing under the moon light in a sea of people.
Travelling to Sedona to pray at the outdoor temple.
Feet in a waterfall taller than a building, delighting in the cool mist on my skin.

And as my world opened, so did opportunities.
Income began to flow.
Client results were off the charts.
Content and inspiration landed with joy and flow and ease.
Ideas downloaded at 4:00am... in a woosh. Just what was being asked.

Pleasure is Sacred.

And as I open to this, more of it flows. And in all ways... Financial. Health. Relationships. So much wellbeing.

So today... I find my pleasure in my warm coffee. My dog’s companionship. The crunch of the last fall leaves. My journal. And notice how this magnetizes more of what I want to me.


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