A Solstice Ritual that I created just for you!

Happy Solstice!!

Wishing you so many blessings on this Sacred Day!


The Year of the Oracle, the Seer, the Intuitive

This is the year that your Oracular gifts become activated.

Stronger, more powerful, and more potent than ever before.


Gifts do not get developed in a vacuum.

Our Soul Gifts are an initiation.


What this means is that they need something to strengthen, to activate, to develop them.

And this is done through contrast, challenge, duality and polarity.


So… if you have struggled to make decisions.

  • If you have been fearful of the unknown.
  • If you have felt the anxiety of change.
  • If you have felt afraid to leap.
  • If you have desired proof, evidence, concrete results BEFORE you make a decision.
  • If you have wondered why the old ways of doing things aren’t working for you.
  • If you have felt yourself pushed up against a brick wall… and feeling like there is no way forward…


Let me tell you…

This is your initiation.

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