A Solstice Ritual that I created just for you!

Happy Solstice!!

Wishing you so many blessings on this Sacred Day!


🔮The Year of the Oracle, the Seer, the Intuitive🔮

✨This is the year that your Oracular gifts become activated.

✨Stronger, more powerful, and more potent than ever before.


Gifts do not get developed in a vacuum.

Our Soul Gifts are an initiation.


What this means is that they need something to strengthen, to activate, to develop them.

And this is done through contrast, challenge, duality and polarity.


So… if you have struggled to make decisions.

  • If you have been fearful of the unknown.
  • If you have felt the anxiety of change.
  • If you have felt afraid to leap.
  • If you have desired proof, evidence, concrete results BEFORE you make a decision.
  • If you have wondered why the old ways of doing things aren’t working for you.
  • If you have felt yourself pushed up against a brick wall… and feeling like there is no way forward…


Let me tell you…

This is your initiation.


🚀You are being initiated even deeper… more potently… into your gifts.


The discomfort in the unknown?  It is showing you where you source your certainty.

The fearfulness of change? It is showing you where you source your safety.

The anxiety in taking a leap? It is showing you where you source your faith.


🔮I want you to know… these are all portals to your Oracular magic.🔮

These are initiations into even greater intuitive gifts, and Seer abilities.

They are strengthening your ability to perceive, and work with energy.


We are being guided to find systems, practices and structures that support our Soul Gifts.


✨My Solstice Ritual✨

I received this ritual today in a meditation... I will be doing it tomorrow. If you take the time to play with it, please share how it goes for you? I would love to hold space for your expansion and evolution.

OH.. and let me add... you can do this ANY TIME. Yes, Solstice is a sacred time... but so is any time that your soul feels called to lean into your evolution, growth and expansion. If that means next week? Perfect!!

Step 1: Sacred Space

Maybe it's in nature, on the beach (where I will do mine!) or in the forest.

Maybe it's your patio, or your back yard.

Maybe it's the floor of your living room, or your bed. Your sacred space is where ever you feel drawn.

Step 2:  Claim

Declare it. Write it in a journal. Make art with it. Dance it out. Do squats as you affirm it (one of my favs!!).

You do you. But declare the following out loud:

💕I am here for a reason.

My energy is medicine.

My Soul Gifts are growing strong and more powerful each and every day.

And as I cast my desires forth through daydreams, goals, and imaginings, they are magnetized and drawn to me with natural ease and flow.

Abundance is my birthright.

The Universe delights in my delight.

And so it is. 💕

Step 3:  Release

What is stopping you from fully embracing my Soul Gifts?

Write down what ever comes to mind… and let yourself acknowledge and accept it.

And say the following out loud:

“Even though XYZ feels like it is stopping me from fully embracing my Soul Gifts, I love and accept myself anyways”

“Even though a part of me feels like I am holding back, I also acknowledge the part of me that is ready to move forward, and embrace my Soul Gifts with love and trust in myself.”

“Even though a part of me is nervous or afraid, there is a part of me that is excited and inspired to move forward in sharing my gifts, and I want to acknowledge this part of me now.”

You can either use EFT tapping to anchor it in, or as you say each statement - hand on the belly, hand on the heart, and do 2 or 3 cleansing breaths as you hold yourself. Repeat as many times as needed. Writing it in your journal can also anchor it for you.

Step 4:  Activate

"In honouring the part of me that is ready to move forward (along with the part of me that is afraid), I give myself permission to take aligned action that feels right and true in my heart.

What practice does my Soul want to experience to be supported in trusting and strengthening my Soul gifts?"

Then pause, holding yourself (hand on belly, hand on heart)...

Write down whatever comes to mind… and pick 1 thing to move forward with.

In this step, you can also pull an oracle card or tarot card asking... what guidance will support me to as I move forward?


  • Study or practice energy work or a modality to give foundation and structure to my gifts.

  • Develop a magic practice for 21 days. Every day, spend 12 minutes engaged in a practice to strengthen my Soul Gifts (numerology practice, energy work, journaling, meditation, dance, etc).

  • Find a circle, community or mastermind of others, and gather together to practise, share your gifts, and amplify in community.

Then reply and let me know how this practice worked for you!!! Share a desire or an intention or a practice that you will be implementing!!


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