๐Ÿ’•If you are called to rest, read this. Going inward, slowing down, being present with loved ones

If you are called to rest, then please rest.

If you are called to go inward, slow down, and be present with yourself and your loved ones… please do. 

Take care of your heart and your soul.

This is your most important job.


And I have noticed that so often we cloak self-sabotage as self-care.

Binging Netflix, shopping, substances that our bodies don’t enjoy.

Numbing out, disassociating, disconnecting.


And… it’s not wrong. Let yourself check out as you need to.


But also…let yourself check in. Give yourself permission to be present with yourself in deeper and more meaningful ways.


December was a 9 energy month. It is perfect for slowing down and reflecting.

But have you noticed when you slow down on the outside… you are really upgrading your inner world? And when you do so… your outer world has a chance to be upgraded as well.


This is a time for alignment and congruency.



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๐Ÿ’•What is the most LOVING & NOURISHING thing I could do for myself right now? And watch the Universe move mountains for you.

Last friday, I made a decision. I literally FELT the Universe shift around me as I declared it.

I decided NOT to let off the gas at the end of the year.

Hey... if you need a break, or some rest or some ease... I get it. And I fully support taking it!! WE ALL NEED TO HONOUR THE PAUSE at certain times.

For me, this is NOT time to pause. And maybe that's true for you too?

I stopped to ask myself... what is the most deeply LOVING and NOURISHING thing I could do for myself right now?

Ok... your turn. Put your hand on your heart, and one hand on your belly. Close your eyes. Deep breath, release. And ask yourself:

What is the most deeply LOVING and NOURISHING thing I could do for myself right now?

THIS is the question that will bring in a FLOOD of support for you, as you receive the answer... then DECLARE it (please don't forget this part love!!!)

The answer landed loudly and clearly and quickly :

GO ALL IN. Leverage the momentum of the 8 energy month we are in now. And prepare for the...

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โœ… More joy and magic... and โŒ less stress

Yes it’s stressful this time of year.

There can be so much pressure, so many expectations, the desire to make it special and do it right... for our kids and our families.

But we are not passive victims to this. And sometimes, we bring it on ourselves by not being CLEAR on what is truly magical for US and our loved ones!!

I’ve changed my relationship with the holidays with these 4 tips… let me know if you’re gonna try one!!

  1. I let it be about me. Yep. Fully flat out selfish for some of it!! I book readings for myself. Because I love them. And it’s a way I show myself love, reverence and appreciation.
  2. I simplify - and follow traditions that mean something to me. Getting our own tree in the bush. Leaving offerings for guides and ancestors. Baking. Playing in the snow.
  3. I asked my kids what their favourite thing about the holidays were. Guess what they said? Hot chocolate. Sledding. Ice skating. Play time with their cousins. so we will be focusing on this...
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As we welcome back the light...My wish for you... 2023 Year Ahead Energy Forecast

As we welcome back the light...My wish for you...

Lightness in your heart... when the world feels heavy.

Sureness in your footing... when the world feels unstable.

Clarity in your path... when change is swirling around you.

Confidence in your Code, your Truth, the energy running through your Being... when the world would have you fit into their mold.

Community who believes in you, and sees the incredible power, strength and gifts you carry... when isolation and loneliness are an epidemic.

Abundance, wealth, prosperity... when hustle and struggle are part of the narrative.

I am here for the magical shift that is unfolding... as we embrace our natural birthright of magic, power, abundance, community and wealth. And I want that for you too.

This is my predictions for the year ahead... my intention is that this will guide you to create spaciousness, alignment, clarity and lightness on your path for 2023.


 Using the Alchemy of Numbers!

Numerology is using the language...

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I was challenged to make it even simpler.

I said it’s not that complicated…and I was challenged to make it even easier. 

So here it is. Uncomplicated. 3 steps, combined with 1 tool.  

If you are an intuitive leader who wants to feel financially supported in your work… here's the steps. 


First, a tool to help you connect even deeper with your intuition. This is where Numerology comes in. Understanding strengths, gifts, challenges and blind spots to help your clients embody their truth as they move towards their goals and desires. Seeing a pathway forward for them through forecasting. 


Second, an intimate understanding of your Soulmate Clients... who are CODED to you. Understanding their deepest fears and greatest desires…and connecting with the energy they carry… so you can feel them. And speak to them in your work. These clients are the most fulfilling clients to work with… because you can see the impact of your work. 



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December Energy Forecast- See the Illusion Crumble

The Illusions are crumbling. There will be some dusty and debris. But you will be able to see things more clearly than ever before. Tune in to see what will be unfolding and how you can work with the energy to support your goals and what you desire to experience!! Bring Qs and your journal!!

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6 ways to Create Wealth as a Professional Space-holder and Intuitive Leader.

I haven't been super clear about this... which is totally my fault. But you need to know.

Brought in 100k in revenue in the last two years through Numerology.
Quadrupled their revenue in 1 year, through understanding the numbers in their work.
Brought in the equivalent of ¼ of their annual corporate salary in 1 month in their business, by bringing Numerology into their practice.
A waitlist of 4-6 weeks, with clients waiting for Numerology readings.
Sold out Masterclasses.
Conversions from single sessions to VIP clients in the range of 50% because of Numerology readings.
Tripled the price of their hybrid group/private program, and had sign ups rolling in.
Started doing readings right away, charging within a month, and fully earned back the investment of the training before we even finished!

These stats came up in conversations I have had with my Numerology Alumni.

And I want you to know this... because I am here for healers and intuitive leaders to create powerful, sustainable...

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Numerology makes both a better coach and a better business person

Are you a Coach or a professional space holder in some way? Teacher, consultant, healer or guide?

If so, you will want to keep reading.

Client attraction, conversion, and retention are one of the biggest gaps between a thriving practice... and one that feels draining and exhausting. 

My coach told me the other day that she's blown away by my conversion and retention stats.

She says I am an anomaly.

Well... I want to share my secrets with you.

In one word?


Numerology makes me BOTH a better coach AND a better business woman.

Here's how:

  1. I encourage my clients to leverage opportunities THEIR way. Aligned with THEIR nature. This makes it so much more natural for them to succeed... because they don't have to try to be something they aren't. They get to be successful in the most natural way for them.
  2. I coach clients to align strategies with their unique energy. This enhances their authenticity and prevents burnout. It allows them to feel energized ...
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November Energy Forecast - Energy Activations this month!

We have some powerful codes coming through this month... I will share how you can be open to co-create with them... helping you experience more peace, ease, flow... and truly DEPTH this month. Rather than being stuck in the challenge side of the energy. Tune in for important dates!! Bring your questions!

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Practical Numerology, practical, tangible, and applied.

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