So much good is coming out of this hard.

Uncategorized Feb 21, 2020

"So much good is coming out of this hard."

Words I shared with my client this morning. She is going through hard times. Often, when we are in the midst of a difficult, challenging, heart breaking situation... it can feel like it never ends. Like we may never emerge.

But what if you could look at your situation from another perspective?

You would see that so much good is coming out of this hard.

You would know that you are gaining new skills, strengths and gifts.

That by learning these new things, you are opening yourself up to live more aligned with your purpose.

To contribute in a more expansive way. To make a bigger impact, to make a difference.

You are actually becoming the person who you have always wanted to be... have always known yourself to be.

And by USING these gifts in the world, you are opening up yourself to a new level of Sacred Wealth. You are activating the law of Divine Compensation on a whole deeper level.

And this means you are creating new more expansive...

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1 thing to Embrace. 2 Things to Stop.

Uncategorized Jan 23, 2020

2020.  The year of stability, structure and foundational safety.

Our goals this year will naturally support this evolution.  But if we don't take action and DO anything about it, we will experience more chaos, frustration and challenge.

The goal... the desire... the thing you want this year.  What is it?  More money, business growth, improved relationships, better health... whatever it is, at least know where you want to see a change.

So many of experienced struggle in 2019.  

So often, when we go through struggle... we push through, work through it, and figure it out.  Then move on.

Well... guess what!  There was an important reason for it!!  Check the video below to find out more.

Most importantly... identify the gift the struggle gave you.  It helped strengthen you in a very important way.  And you need that expanded skill set in 2020.

So... identify the strength.  And embrace it.

In order to create clear results in...

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When someone sees something in you... that you don't yet see in yourself.

Uncategorized Dec 18, 2019

9 years ago…

“You are a healer… you know that right?” She gently held my hand in hers, and watched me as the weight of her words slowly settled in.

An economist, yes. A business woman, yes. Someone who is good with numbers, yes. A problem solver, yes.

But a healer? This was the first time I had ever considered those words… for myself.

She took another minute with my hand, and then said “Your healing line is actually stronger than mine. You are a healer of healers.”

I drew my hand back.

This was more than I could even allow myself to consider.

6 years ago..

“You are a teacher… you know that right?” She reviewed by chart. I laughed. “Um, I know I am a great coach, but I am so not a teacher.”. She looked at me, allowing the weight of the words to float in the air between us.

A speaker, yes. A workshop leader, yes. A coach, yes. A writer, yes.

But a teacher?

“You will see.” She replied, as she went...

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Pleasure is Sacred

momentum ritual sacred Dec 12, 2019

I found myself last on my list.

I was exhausted... and no matter how long I slept, it was never enough.

I had a strong-willed toddler. A highly sensitive 7 year old. And a newborn baby.

I was so overwhelmed, at times I felt like I was underwater.

My needs fell to last... and I became so good at ignoring them, I actually forgot what my needs were.

Until one morning. I said to myself. This is it. This is my life. The moments of life happen in the little daily snapshots. These tiny moments are what will either create my life. Or not.

And so.

I began to ritualize my pleasure.

It started with self-care breakfast. I made myself my favourite warm breakfast. And savoured it mindfully.

I left myself notes... words of love and encouragement.

I began to say yes to fun things, even if it was a massive inconvenience to get out of the house, to arrange the kids needs, to get the things done. But I did it anyways, even, especially, when it was hard.

And a momentum was created.

It got less hard....

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Living a Life Fulfilled.

Knowing WHO you are. And HOW you contribute.

This is the key to living a life fulfilled.

Someone asked me on Sunday... what do you want for your kids? And my response is truly want I want for ALL of us.

I want us to know what it means to live a fulfilling life. I want us ALL to experience a fulfilled, well-lived life.

Now... that is a simple answer to something that is very complex. But there is a first step to living a fulfilled life. And everything else flows out of this step.

Know WHO you are and HOW you contribute. Your very existence matters. Your perspective is critically important. Our evolution is co-created by ALL of us choosing to contribute. 

But... what if you feel like you don't know? I get it, sometimes it feels so hard. And when we are searching, it can feel illusive. But I want you to know something.

It is actually much easier than you think.

I get it... I felt the feeling of constantly seeking and searching, trying to understand my role. Knowing I had one,...

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