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You are wired for Abundance.

You are Powerful and Potent exactly as you are. Let's dial it up with deeper connection, shall we?

Your Code will magnetize Wealth & Wellbeing in the most meaningful ways - resources, opportunities and people.

Simply by tapping into your Truth.

Imagine... having a cheat sheet in times of confusion that will always guide you to your truth so you can navigate the unknown with trust, confidence and clarity.

Imagine... being so clear and confident in your truth that you naturally draw meaningful abundance - opportunities and resources - to you. 

Imagine... having complete certainty of your security because aligning with your Code supercharges your intuition, bringing you clear direction and guidance.

You have access to rich, powerful, potent Soul Wisdom.

Accessing it is why you are here.

To embody this energy… and share it with others.

In this 5 part challenge, create a mantra and a practice to activate and amplify Abundance on your terms.

Soul Wisdom, fully lit and activated.

Yes I want my Abundance Codes!

Marnie Lafrance, Certified Practical Numerologist

Taking practical numerology was a game changer for me personally as well as my business. It allowed to me to discover my true purpose and teach me tools to allow me to align to it.

I use the tools learned in a daily basis both in my personal life and my business to better understand the people I am interacting with and help them to also align to their energetic purpose.

Activate Soul Wisdom

5 day Numerology Challenge

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I quadrupled my revenue that year.

I worked with Meaghan every 2 weeks for a year. She helped me understand my ruling number and the innate strengths I carry because of it, which felt like having my destiny laid right out in front of me.  It was so wild.  It was like having the future potential me, standing there cheering me on each day.

- Carly Banks.  Ayurvedic Health Counselor.

Jessica Cerato, Certified Practical Numerologist

Taking Meaghan’s Practical numerology certification course was life changing for me.
I know that statement seems overly sensational but I’m just not sure how else to describe it.
My business has transformed and flourished, my relationships have deepened, my confidence has increased.
There were so many valuable lessons in the course, but the biggest one for me was learning to value, prioritize, and trust my intuition over my intellect. I’m eternally grateful to Meaghan for this opportunity and experience."

Vicki Karogiannis

"It gives me the guidance, clarity and grace I need."


Monika Dunphy

"I knew I was somewhat intuitive but Meaghan’s Numerology course has really taught me to trust in my intuition which I never realized was so strong." 

Numerology Queen, Guiding you on your journey.

Economist turned Numerologist, Meaghan helps intuitive leaders tap into the ancient wisdom in Numbers. Access the codes you were born with, so you can leverage your magic, your gifts, and truly own your contribution and impact.

Ann Marie McKenzie, Certified Practical Numerologist

Meaghan's mentorship was just what I was looking for. A down to earth teacher who leads through example. She weaves the perfect amount of magic with practicality while building an incredibly supportive community. 

I've been able to immediately integrate this into my life and business. 

I have implemented numerology into every program and with every client session. It has given me the tools to easily see the challenges they wish to overcome by understanding their energetic code. This wisdom saves us valuable time and strengthened my intuition as a coach.

With Meaghan's business tools I was able to earn money with numerology while taking the course! 

Jackie Nees, Certified Practical Numerologist.

Before training with Meaghan, I felt lost in my business, like something was missing that I couldn't put my finger on. I wanted to offer something that would help my clients truly connect with their gifts, strengths and soul purpose, as well as their challenges so that they could work with that energy to live their best life. I found that "something" when I heard about Meaghan and her Practical Numerology program

Through Practical and Advanced Numerology, I have re-discovered who I am and what my purpose is. Meaghan's program and teaching style made me excited to learn and empowered me to apply what I was learning. I'm proud to call myself a numerologist and I'm so grateful I followed my soul's nudge to sign up.

Katrina Laflin, Certified Practical Numerologist.

The insights gained through Numerology are the pieces I’ve been missing throughout decades of intentional inner work and self-discovery. As I studied various modalities over the years, I always felt as though I was on the fringe of “the thing” to align with my soul and bring clarity. Numerology is the thing!

Understanding the energy of the numbers and how it can be used to align my thoughts and actions with my purpose and harnessed in any moment to bring alignment and direction has changed the way I function in this current physical plane and how I relate to those around me.

This is an empowering, life-altering transformation and I’m here for it every day!