✅ More joy and magic... and ❌ less stress

Yes it’s stressful this time of year.

There can be so much pressure, so many expectations, the desire to make it special and do it right... for our kids and our families.

But we are not passive victims to this. And sometimes, we bring it on ourselves by not being CLEAR on what is truly magical for US and our loved ones!!

I’ve changed my relationship with the holidays with these 4 tips… let me know if you’re gonna try one!!

  1. I let it be about me. Yep. Fully flat out selfish for some of it!! I book readings for myself. Because I love them. And it’s a way I show myself love, reverence and appreciation.
  2. I simplify - and follow traditions that mean something to me. Getting our own tree in the bush. Leaving offerings for guides and ancestors. Baking. Playing in the snow.
  3. I asked my kids what their favourite thing about the holidays were. Guess what they said? Hot chocolate. Sledding. Ice skating. Play time with their cousins. so we will be focusing on this...
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