This makes me absolutely crazy 😤 It's not your fault, you were told an incomplete story.

The quickest way to take someone's power away... is to convince them they are bad at something.

Something critical and important to daily life, prosperity and wellbeing.

Like Math.

Then they will spend the rest of their lives deferring to others, doubting themselves, and asking others for the answers.

Certain that they got it wrong.

That there is something wrong with them. They don't have a math brain.

That they weren't crowed with some sort of genius brain that gets numbers.

It spills out in so many areas creating struggle... particularly in money, finance and business.

This makes me absolutely crazy!!!

It's so fucking wrong.

What if you aren't bad at math?

What if you were told an incomplete story? What if your confusion in the early days of learning math was because your intuition was trying to tell you there was more to the story... but your teachers just shut you down?

What if you were on to something all along?

That numbers represent an intuitive language that allows us to...

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