💕If you are called to rest, read this. Going inward, slowing down, being present with loved ones

If you are called to rest, then please rest.

If you are called to go inward, slow down, and be present with yourself and your loved ones… please do. 

Take care of your heart and your soul.

This is your most important job.


And I have noticed that so often we cloak self-sabotage as self-care.

Binging Netflix, shopping, substances that our bodies don’t enjoy.

Numbing out, disassociating, disconnecting.


And… it’s not wrong. Let yourself check out as you need to.


But also…let yourself check in. Give yourself permission to be present with yourself in deeper and more meaningful ways.


December was a 9 energy month. It is perfect for slowing down and reflecting.

But have you noticed when you slow down on the outside… you are really upgrading your inner world? And when you do so… your outer world has a chance to be upgraded as well.


This is a time for alignment and congruency.



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