As we welcome back the light...My wish for you... 2023 Year Ahead Energy Forecast

As we welcome back the light...My wish for you...

đź’•Lightness in your heart... when the world feels heavy.

đź’•Sureness in your footing... when the world feels unstable.

đź’•Clarity in your path... when change is swirling around you.

đź’•Confidence in your Code, your Truth, the energy running through your Being... when the world would have you fit into their mold.

đź’•Community who believes in you, and sees the incredible power, strength and gifts you carry... when isolation and loneliness are an epidemic.

đź’•Abundance, wealth, prosperity... when hustle and struggle are part of the narrative.

I am here for the magical shift that is unfolding... as we embrace our natural birthright of magic, power, abundance, community and wealth. And I want that for you too.

This is my predictions for the year ahead... my intention is that this will guide you to create spaciousness, alignment, clarity and lightness on your path for 2023.


 Using the Alchemy of Numbers!

Numerology is using the language of numbers to interpret energy. Tune in while I share a high level view of the year, then go into detail for each month. Share below... what landed for you? What insights will be helpful as you plan your year? Follow me for more numerology forecasting! Meaghan Alton xo. Alchemical Numerologist helping you activate your Light Codes and connect with your Cosmic Support Team.

Economist turned Numerologist, Meaghan is the secret weapon for business owners who want to use the energetics of Alchemy aligned with business strategy to amplify their natural state of Abundance... and create undeniable magnetism in their work and lives. Her unique approach integrates Numerology, Light Codes and Cosmic Guidance … activating her clients to feel the energy in new ways, heightening their intuitive skills and learning how to Alchemize challenges into opportunities using the language of Numbers.


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